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Joint “courses” to challenges| smooth running for international online courses of School of Economics and Management

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(CorrespondentYang Mengyao and Li Xinyue) “The epidemic is raging but teaching is continuing”. Although separated by thousands of rivers and mountains, red electric wave still spreads all over the world. According to overall teaching deployment for international students in the University during the epidemic, under the direct guidance of leaders in School of Economics and Management and Department of International Cooperation, lecturers in the School and School of International Education have communicated for many times, acted in close cooperation and eventually ushered in a good start for the orderly and smooth running of the online courses for international students of the School of Economics and Management in spring 2020.

In order to make preparations for online teaching in advance, academic staff and mentors in School of International Education closely contacted international students in each school before the start of the school, prepared and issued questionnaires. They positively understood the actual online teaching guarantee environment of the country they are in and willing and mode of students participating in online course study, established WeChat groups for classes. Working personnel responsible for teaching affairs of international students in School of Economics and Management released notice on normalizing teaching of international students in the School in the first time, and intensively coordinated course lecturers in each class. They also arranged and launched courses for undergraduate students and postgraduate students in the international class and promptly released course information in WeChat Group for lecturers and students. Meanwhile, they guided students and lecturers to orderly establish relationships and answered questions from lecturers and students on related platform technology in real time to ensure orderly development and subsequent smooth running of online teaching.

After the online learning begun, related lecturers and working personnel in School of Economics and Management and School of International Education jointly established “Online Teaching Service and Quality Guarantee Team for International Student Courses” to supervise and check online learning of students corresponding, promptly ask students for their opinions on learning methods, content and progress, positively summarize feedback information of course lecturers and continue improvement based on feedback information of students and teachers.


Statistical Table of Data Investigation of School of International Education

Excerpts of “Notice on Online Teaching for International Students in School of Economics and Management in Spring 2020”

Some WeChat Groups for class students and course lecturers in the School

Large Groups for Course Information shared by course lecturers in BBA Grade 3 teaching class

Share course information and guide students to orderly join WeChat Group for courses

Considering foreign environment, network speed, time difference, account application etc. in the place where international students were located, through repeated experiment and comparison by course teachers, multiple online teaching platforms were finally selected, such as QQ, Tencent meeting, DingTalk, WeChat Voice etc. In view of time difference, course lecturers communicated with students for many times and promptly adjusted class time and teaching mode. Teaching modes were flexibly organized through the “synchronous and asynchronous” mode, such as live broadcast, recorded broadcast, PPT and voices, online answering questions at fixed time, online test, online exercise, online tutoring of teaching assistant team etc. to complete semester teaching tasks.

Scene of online teaching through DingTalk of Chinese class in Thailand

Scene for online teaching through DingTalk of BBA English Class

Scene for online teaching of Tencent classroom of BBA English class

Online courses of lecturers are in progress

Course lecturers made efforts to explore, positively carried out experiments and took advantages of online teaching. According to online learning characteristics and course characteristics, teaching scheme applicable for remote studying of international students was designed and running plan was prepared aimed at emergencies that might occur during the live broadcast, which ensured the progress and quality of online teaching. They promptly informed and shared various information on online teaching in WeChat Groupsand QQ groups, provided learning materials for live-broadcasting platforms during the subsequent preparation and maintained communication with students at any time.

“Originally, we are all worried about the practicality and effectiveness of online teaching. However, all lecturers continuously coordinate courses, urge students and listen to feedback and students who are aboard are actively overcome difficulties and attend classes. In addition, hardware facilities are quite powerful, so we become more confident in online teaching!”said lecturers in English teaching classes.

Feedback from course lecturers of Thailand class and BBA class

Feedback from Thailand Students

Online teaching course of international classes could be normally set up in a short time, various teaching activities could smoothly run and were praised by course lecturers and international students, which were the joint efforts of leaders, lecturers and students in School of Economics and Management and School of International Education. It was the biggest goal and wish of all our lecturers engaged in international education to guarantee the smooth running of international students in the School in “postponing school without suspending studying” during the epidemic and effectively improve learning efficiency and effect of international students all over the world!