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Grasping the air platform, lecturers in Department of Information Management, School of Economics and Management practice real skills of live broadcasting

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(CorrespondentMa Xubu,Sun Lei,Liu Wei and Geng Ruibin) Epidemic is the order, prevention and control are responsibilities. Lecturers in Department of Information Management, School of Economics and Management actively responded to the national "suspension of school without suspension of classes" call during the special time of epidemic prevention and control, rapidly took actions and begun to establish “air classroom”. However, everyone felt unprecedented pressure and responsibility when Study in Xidian, Rain Classroom, Chaoxing Live Broadcast, Tencent Classroom, QQ Live Broadcast, Billibilli……,these dazzling online learning tools and live streaming platforms had been pouring into the eyes of every front-line teacher! What platform should we choose? What materials should we prepare? How to interact in class? How to promptly master the learning effect? ……Every teacher faced a series of new teaching problems. Lecturers in the faculty did not shrink from the unknown and difficulties but devoted themselves to studying and strictly detailed working standards with high sense of responsibility and mission. They practiced real skills of live broadcast in just two weeks and established air platform of online teaching.

I. Improve each other by active discussion and rapidly improve skills of live broadcasting.

In order to ensure the smooth running of online teaching, the faculty started the live teaching seminar through WeChat Group one week before the start of the school, and shared live broadcasting test experience. They mutually tested live broadcasting effect and found problems in advance. One week before the start of the school, all lecturers contacted teaching class and established WeChat Group and QQ Group for courses, completed live broadcasting rehearsal for 1 to 2 times before the official opening and made plans to deal with various unknown situations. After school begun, all lecturers mutually exchanged via Tencent meeting aimed at using experience, classroom skills, teaching effect etc. of different tools and platforms, made heated discussions on how to effectively improve online teaching effect, which solved many practical problems during the online teaching.

II. Learn from each other and adopt hybrid online teaching modes of Tencent Classroom+ Rain Classroom

After analyzing and testing disadvantages and disadvantages of various platforms, teacher Ma Xubu who is a generalist summarized a hybrid online teaching mode of Tencent classroom+ Rain Classroom. In the course of class, Teacher Ma used very complete equipment, including a computer connected to two screens, writing pad, camera, two mobiles phones to view live broadcasting of Tencent courses as a student and view teaching status of Rain Classroom as a teacher, which facilitated monitoring live broadcasting effect and viewing effect of classroom test in real time and two earphones.

Before the course, lecturers edited recorded video and course PPT based on course knowledge, set up online courses on Study in Xidian as the reference resources of live broadcasting teaching. 10 minutes before the class, full-screen sharing of Tencent Classroom was opened for live broadcasting and QR code of Rain Classroom was opened for sign-in of students. 10 minutes before the class, relaxing music was played to maintain interaction with students, which ensured students were aware of living in a live broadcast environment. Students could enter the class upon the ringing of class bell giving them a sense of ceremony. During the course of class, bullet screen of Rain Classroom, WeChat Group and QQ Group were utilized for real-time interaction to get users’ class status. Classroom tests of Rain Classroom were utilized to master learning effect of users in real time and to mobilize the enthusiasm of users to actively attend lectures. Hands-up functions of Tencent Classroom were utilized to contact students and let them answer questions and complete case discussion in real time. After the class was over, problems of students during learning knowledge points were collected through “don’t know” page of Rain Classroom, WeChat Group and QQ Group and recorded video of Tencent Classroom was shared to students. From preparation before class, interaction during class and feedback after class, advantages of multiple platforms were combined to serve education and teaching comprehensively.

III. Carefully prepare air classroom both dynamic and static

In order to promptly master learning of students and avoid shortcomings of online live broadcasting, experienced teacher Sun Lei meticulously organized static resources of courses and carried out air dynamic classroom. During the live broadcast class, QQ Group was used to answer questions promptly. Students signed in with gestures 5 minutes before the class or when the class was over. On learning platform, 20 to 30 choice questions, true or false questions, short answer questions and calculation questions were set up in each chapter and a deadline for submission was set. The teacher promptly corrected, returned and made students to go over, incorporated teaching contents into the topic, which facilitated students’ independent learning and check mastering. Online and offline teaching modes were implemented on QQ Group, Chaoxing Live Broadcast and learning platform and classroom interaction, question answering and learning process were monitored to guarantee orderly and smooth running of teaching during the special period and students could concentrate on their studies.

IV. Meticulous and considerate, meeting flexible teaching of different student groups

Aimed at characteristics of different teaching classes, meticulous and considerate teacher Liu Wei adopted different teaching modes.

For a large number of undergraduate students in low grade, according to investigation, only some students have mobile phones and do not have computer. Live broadcasting of Rain Classroom was mainly adopted for the online teaching and MOOC resources were designated to assist in studying. In order to guarantee teaching effect, on one hand, bullet screen was opened during the whole process, problems were given with high frequency and classroom tests were set up, which not only tested students’ class learning effect, but also helped lecturers and students to solve students’ problems; on the other hand, attention was paid to setting up courses on Study in Xidian platform and assigning homework, which urged students to promptly review, but also better mastered students’ learning effect inside and outside class. Homework was explained via shared screen of Tencent Classroom once every week to promptly help students find leaks and supply a deficiency. For a class of 69 students, the bullet screen was kept at least 100 times for each class

For a moderate number of undergraduate students in senior grade, students used computer and mobile phone to attend classes at the same time and hybrid teaching of Rain Classroom and Tencent Classroom was adopted. Meanwhile, two teaching tools were opened and bullet screen and classroom test were completed in Rain Classroom. Voice broadcast, voice questioning and interaction and text interaction in discussion board were completed in Tencent Classroom. Study in Xidian Platform was assisted to set up course and assign homework, MOOC resources were designated for students’ study outside the class to guarantee teaching effect through a combination of these measures.

For classroom with a small number of postgraduate students, Tencent Meeting was mainly adopted for the implementation of flipped classroom. Through assigning self-study tasks in advance, students were guided to actively think mainly voice interaction, screen share etc. in class.

V. Take precautions and dynamically integrated online live broadcasting and offline recorded broadcasting

Young Teacher Geng Ruibin not only pondered how to give live online lessons, but also considered how to better serve the overall planning of students’ differential learning condition and improvement of teaching effect of lecturers through network technology means. Considering that some students could not promptly and effectively participate in teaching process of live broadcasting due to objective reasons, the teacher adopted teaching mode organically combining online live broadcasting and offline recorded broadcasting. Although live broadcasting platforms such as Rain Classroom, Tencent Classroom etc. provided course video playback and other functions, a 110-minute video of a course was difficult for students who needed to supplement learning after class to effectively acquire key knowledge points, but offline learning time was often characterized by fragmentation. Therefore, this required lecturers to edit teaching video independently recorded into several sections based on knowledge to facilitate students’ retrieval and knowledge consolidation.

During the epidemic prevention and control period, the faculty in Department of Information Management (no matter they were old lecturers or new ones, or new young employees), collectively practiced, improved each other by active discussion and practiced various online teaching skills. Everyone said: although we could not become “heroes in harm’s way” in the front line of prevention and control, we were like lecturers on thousands of education fronts. We never forgot original intention of education, used our own responsibilities and accountability to practice “suspending classes without suspending teaching, postponing school without suspending studying”, make efforts to improve teaching effect and become the most beautiful anchor in the students’ mind!