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Students' Affair Work | Leaders from the School of Economics and Management Got into the Learning Academy to Visit Freshmen Students from the Class of 2020

Time:Oct 6, 2020  Views:

(Correspondents: Ren Qiaoyang and An Xiang) In the light drizzle, leaders of School of Economics and Management came to visit freshmen students and talk with them. On the morning of October 3, Li Yaoping, the Party Secretary of the School, and Wang Weidong, the Deputy Party Secretary, accompanied by counselors An Xiang and Chang Sha, got into Zhuyuan No.1 Learning School to visit freshmen students from the Class of 2020 who still stay in school during the National Dayand Mid-Autumn Festival, and had a discussion and exchange with student representatives to answer their questions.

At the symposium, Li Yaoping and Wang Weidong made remarks successively. In his speech, Li Yaoping first introduced the long history and foundation of Xidian University to the students,then outlined the discipline characteristics of the School of Economics and Management, emphasized the importance of management discipline, and encouraged the students to make good use of the excellent "software and hardware" resources of the School, attach importance to management and learn management well. Wang Weidong talked about his own experiences and suggestions from the aspects of university students' adaptive education and academic planning. At the same time, he encouraged freshmen to familiarize themselves with the campus environment as soon as possible, adapt to university life, learn to ask for help in future study life, and learn to help others, actively communicate with classmates,counselors and academy teachers, and deal well with interpersonal relationship, so as to lay a solid foundation for academic success.

In the carefree atmosphere, the two leaders and counselors spoke freely with the students present, and enthusiastic applause sounded from time to time. "What is the future of Big Data Application and Management?" "How to balance the relation between the academic work and the community work?" "Will the School provide specialty-related internship opportunities?" ... In the face of students' questions about life and study, the two leaders answered the students patiently, sometimes presenting themselves and sometimes citing other people's examples. Their earnest words made the students present feel the care and love of the leaders and teachers.At the end of the communication session, Li Yaoping encouraged everyone to enhance their learning initiative, go into the library more, actively use the platform of "China University MOOC", and take famous teachers' lessons, so as to expand their knowledge.

After the symposium, the two leaders gave the students stationery packages full of blessings, encouraging them to pass on the red gene of Xidian University, cherish their university day sand live up to their youth, and wished the students a happy holiday. The students present expressed that they felt the profound humanistic care of the School.

The School leaders got into the Learning School and talked with the students to solve their problems in study and life in the first time, which on the one hand,has enhanced the mutual understanding between the School and students,and on the other hand,has unblocked the channels for students to express their confusions and solve problems, and promoted the joint efforts of the Academy and the School for teaching,achieving good results.