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Appointment | Zhou Xiaoyang, the President of AccoPower, Has Been Appointed as a Visiting Professor of the School of Economics and Management

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(Correspondents: Luo Ming and Ma Yuankai)On the afternoon of September 14,a delegation led by Zhou Xiaoyang,the President of Acco Power, came to attend a symposium held in Xinyuan Building,South Campus.At the same time, an appointment ceremony was held to appoint Zhou Xiaoyang as a visiting professor of the School and a member of the Strategic Development Committee. Li Yaoping,the Party Secretary of the School,and Zhou Xiaoyang (female),the Head of Discipline Development of the Schooland professor of E-commerce Department,attended the symposium and delivered speeches.The symposium was chaired by Assistant Dean Chai Jian.

Symposium Scene

Issuing a Letter of Appointment

Taking a Group Photo to Mark the Occasion

At the symposium, Professor Zhou Xiaoyang introduced the education and work experiences of President Zhou Xiaoyang.

Li Yaoping first welcomed the arrival of Zhou Xiaoyang. He praised Zhou Xiaoyang's outstanding contributions to China's semiconductor industry, and said that Zhou Xiaoyang, as an outstanding talent connecting academic circles with the industry,and having rich business experience,is able to broaden students' horizons and help the School to train high-end talents who can meet the strategic needs in China.

Chai Jian conveyed greetings from Xie Junzhan,the Vice President and the Dean of the School of Economics and Management, to Zhou Xiaoyang,and emphasized the urgency of the development of China's semiconductor industry.He believes that the development of semiconductor industry is a process of systematic engineering construction, which can fully integrate technology, talents, resources, management and other elements, and create "new ideas"for the major strategic development of China.

Zhou Xiaoyang said that he would alway skeep close cooperation with the School and would do his best to contribute to the construction of the School together with all faculties and to the major strategic layout of China.

Li Yaoping read out the document of appointing Zhou Xiaoyang as a visiting professor of the School and a member of the Strategic Development Committee, and is sueda letter of appointment for Zhou Xiaoyang, and finally took a group photo.

Seminar Scene

Zhou Xiaoyang Gave a Talk to Teachers and Students


Zhou Xiaoyang, male, born in November 1962,is currently the President of Acco Power. In 1984, he graduated from Xi'an Jiaotong University with a bachelor's degree in Semiconductor. In 1987, he graduated from No.771 Institute of the Ninth Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (Xi'an Institute of Microelectronics Technology) with a master's degreein Integrated Circuit. In 2001, he received an MBA jointly developed by Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and Webster University.

From 1987 to 1993, he worked in the No.771 Institute and developed integrated circuits for the national satellite rocket model mission.He won the second prize and the third prize of the Science and Technology Progress Awar dissued by the Department of Space once. He worked in National Semiconductor and Intel Corporation for 14 years (including about 2 years of working abroad).He used to be the General Manager of Knowles Electronics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.and Knowles Electronics (Beijing) Co., Ltd.,and Knowles Electronics is the largest MEMS microphone supplier in the world.From 2014 to 2019,he served as the President of A mkor Technology (China) which is the second largest integrated circuit packaging and testing supplier and the largest automotive electronic packaging and testing supplier in the world.