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Students' Affair Work | SEM Has Launched a Series of Educational Campaigns of "Saving Food and Cleaning Your Plate"

Time:Sep 4, 2020  Views:

(Correspondent: Zhu Haiyan) In order to actively respond to the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, i.e. "Stop the Waste of Food and Beverage, and Earnestly Cultivate the Habit of Saving", XDU-SEM has launched a series of educational campaigns of "Saving Food and Cleaning Your Plate"in September, 2020.All SEM graduate students have made extensive discussions and participated actively,expressing that they will devote themselves to the "Clean Your Plate Campaign" with practical actions.

Since the launch of the campaign,all graduate students from the School have actively studied and publicized the proposal of "Resolutely Stopping the Waste of Food and Beverage" issued by the School.The proposal has been distributed to all graduate students' dormitories, and all party members will lead their schoolmates in the same dormitory to study it.

Next, on September 3,the School organizeda campaign of"Saving Food-SEMS tudents in Action" in Dingxiang Canteen.By distributing the proposal of "Resolutely Stopping the Waste of Food and Beverage" and the series of the mestickers of "Saving Food and Cleaning Your Plate"to other students,it is truly achieved that all graduate students from the School and other students are"mobile messengers", and they are actively responding to the call of the state and the University as well as the Schooland actively participating in this campaign, thus calling on the majority of students to cultivate a sense of saving, starting from cleaning plate.

The purpose of this campaign is to vigorously carry forward the fine tradition of diligence and thrift,develop the spirit of hard struggle, advocate the civilized consumption habit of "practicing frugality and opposing waste",and create a good atmosphere of"saving is proud and wasting is shameful"for the University.

SEM Students in Action Campaign scene