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SEM Torch English Project Launch Ceremony

Time:Oct 24, 2020  Views:

(Correspondents: Yang Mengyao and Yu Qingping) "Everything must be only done then been understood profoundly".

On the afternoon of October 23, the Torch English Project Launch Ceremony for the School of Economics and Management was held in the Lecture Hall 324,Section II,Xinyuan Building, South Campus. Sun Bingzhen, the Vice Dean of the School of Economics and Management, Li Xinyue, the Manager of Office of Admission and Quality Assurance, Division of International Cooperation & Exchange, Yang Xiaoshan, Student Counselor of Office of International Student Services, Division of International Cooperation & Exchange,project lecturer Li Jing, and foreign friend ABDIRAHMAN NUR AHMED ALI, a BBA graduate of the Class of 2019 from the School, were invited. The lecture hall was packed with students who were attracted to participate in the activity by early organization and publicity made earnestly by students from the Learning Department of Students' Union for the School of Economics and Management, forming a lively atmosphere.

With the ebullient opening remarks made by Miss Zhang Weili, the Dean Assistant for International Development of the School, the Torch English Project Launch Ceremony for the School of Economics and Management officially began.

In the first stage, Miss Zhang introduced all guests present in a humorous way, talked about the original intention of the program design and the importance of learning English well, and encouraged students to lay emphasis on conscious self-training and improve their English practical ability constantly.

In the second stage, the leaders of the University and the Division of International Cooperation & Exchange made remark sat the launch ceremony.First of all,the Vice Dean Sun Bingzhen took turns and talked about the development strategy of promoting the internationalization of the University under the foresight of President Yang Zongkai and other leaders in recent years, and also sincerely spoke in an approachable way about the importance of learning English and improving students' English speaking ability.He introduced the background of the Project, also talked about the follow-up arrangements, and encouraged everyone to participate in related activities actively.He pointed out that the relevant activities to be carried out for a long time will effectively improve the foreign language proficiency of the students in the School of Economics and Management, especially their spoken-English application competence and academic English level, and create an English atmosphere and a humanistic atmosphere in the School of Economics and Management,laying a more solid foundation for the future development of students, so that they can contribute to the creation of "Dynamic School of Economics and Management". Then,Manager Li Xinyue made remarks with a pure and authentic English accent: "Why we learn English?" She talked eloquently, introduced the importance of learning English, and compared the expressions in Chinese and English,to facilitate students tounder stand the different cultural backgrounds of Chinese and English,and stimulate their enthusiasm for learning English and spoken English.

Next, a very interesting interview video was played,in which the students expressed their own views, and shared their unique views on English learning, showing their expectations on the Torch English Project.

After that,Vice Dean Sun announced the official launch of the Torch English Project for the School of Economics and Management, and encouraged students to keep up their efforts, blaze new trails and strive to improve themselves.

After the group photo, it was free time.Students talked in a jovial mood while enjoying snacks and drinks. International student alumni also communicated and shared their experiences in language learning enthusiastically.

After the launch ceremony,Miss Li Jing led everyone to start the first sub-project Context-based"English Corner". Starting with eating in a restaurant,Miss Li guided students to cultivate and improve their English speaking ability by real simulation,and sometimes explained English grammar that are very important for CET-4 and CET-6, IELTS and TOEFL.Her earnestness, humor and erudition impressed everyone, and in various ways, she encouraged students to speak more and practice more,guiding them to feel the unique charm of spoken English. With interesting activities such as role-playing and lucky turntable lottery, teachers and students actively engaged in oral interaction. Students who were even a little nervous at first were able to speak actively and participate enthusiastically in class. The whole scene of English Corner was full of laughter. Then, all students really practiced their oral expression.

The purpose of this Project is to stimulate students' enthusiasm for learning and speaking English.

Everybody, no pains, no gains. Make up your mind to act decidedly and take the consequences, no good is ever done in this world by hesitation!