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SEM Students Experience Wuhan

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From October 28th to 30th,2020, the delegation of “Experience Wuhan - A City of Heroes Journey” composed of 40 Chinese and international students of Xidian University had a Wuhan journey to experience China’s past and current battle against COVID-19 and the heroic efforts by this epicentral city of Heroes.Two SEM students,Wang Xinfeng, a senior majoring in Public Administration, and Li Shanshan,a graduate student in the field of Applied Economics, visited Wuhan as the members of the XDU delegation. The experience brought them something beyond the 3-day short period while they were there in Wuhan.

(By Wang Xinfeng)

Although the train whistles declared the end of the activity of “Visiting the City of Heroes”, my thoughts still wandered in Wuhan. This activity at the end of October has taught me so much that it is destined to refresh my understanding and leave a wonderful impression on my senior year.

During the Special Exhibition of Fighting Covid-19 themed on People First and Life First, the 9,000 m2 exhibition hall with 6 themes and 1100 photos, profoundly restored the soul stirring moment when everyone stayed together to fight against the epidemic. The exhibition area of“closing the city and the whole province like building up iron walls” impressed me most. With various pictures, it reproduced the difficulty and expectation during the period of the lockdown. It was like the pause buttons of the bustling shopping malls, the roads with unceasing transport, the stations and airports filled with people coming and going, were pressed all at once. At the same time, the medical staff tried their best to rescue the patients; the community workers with red armbands guarded the“first line of defense” of the community with temperature guns; the public security police maintained order and assisted in the transfer of patients; volunteers relayed to carry personnel and materials; sanitation workers worked day and night to disinfect the city, all of whom have made Wuhan a city of Heroes! These heroic groups and people stuck to their posts in every special battlefield and devoted themselves to the battle against covid-19. It was these fearless mortals that fought hard in every corner of the city, used themselves to build an iron great wall against the virus with flesh and blood, laid the footstone for the victory of the war of epidemic prevention and control, brought hope to the people of Wuhan and even the whole province, and promoted the“reset and recovery” of Hubei Province.

During my visit to China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), I met for the first time the volunteer team with the name "Iron Man" that had been reported many times. After the outbreak of Covid-19, Da Ming, a student from the Republic of Benin, took the initiative to organize a volunteer team to help the teachers clean up public areas, distribute materials and transport food. When talking about this, Da Ming said,“the memories of my youth is all about Wuhan, this is my home, and I will not abandon my home when it is sick.” I can't forget the unswerving determination in his sincere eyes, which illustrated the love of foreign students for Wuhan, the expectation and confidence that China will eliminate the epidemic, and the profound international friendship regardless of different races and countries.

On the third day of the visit, Germany announced to“close the cities” in the whole country for one month; on the first day after the visit ended, France announced to“close the country” again. While the Covid-19 epidemic has been raging in foreign countries without showing any signs of turning better, it has been basically controlled in China. This also highlights the one and only advantage of the unique political system of our country. I am so proud to be a Chinese. I love Wuhan, I love China, with all my sincere wishes!

(By Li Shanshan )

“Rhymed with the jade flute wafting from the Yellow Crane Tower, the plum blossom of the River City quietly fell in May.” This poem of Li Bai endowed Wuhan the name“River City”. But while China had been swept through by the unexpected Covid-19 epidemic, Wuhan, as the eye of the storm, entered an unprecedented state of emergency with the whole city closed. This time we visited Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University, the frontier of the battle against Covid-19 epidemic, where we met Zhang Xiaochun, a doctor that has been renowned in our WeChat moments for all her moving stories. As the first doctor to publicly question the reliability of nucleic acid test, she said that“dare to speak out” is a noble quality of a doctor especially in the process of fighting against the disease, when every minute of hesitation is at the cost of the patient's life. It was a pity to know that her family seemed to be broken down after the epidemic, but even so, she has never regretted what she did before, nor has she forgotten her responsibility as a soldier and a doctor.

In the shelter hospital, we saw the Special Exhibition of Fighting Covid-19 themed on People First and Life First. Through a variety of display methods, it made us realize the courage and sense of responsibility of the heroes and heroines at that critical time. What impressed me most is a senior middle school student who prepared for the college entrance examination in the shelter hospital. Although his parents and he were infected with Covid-19, they never gave up the hope of life and the future.

These are all extraordinary people in ordinary life. Wuhan is the returning hero walking among the lights of thousands of homes, which make the long night as bright as the daytime.