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The School of Economics and Management of Xidian University and Xi’an Software Park Organized the First Building Better Business Workshop(Enterprise Edition) Successfully in Xi’an

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(Correspondents: Yang Mengyao and Zhang Weili)The School of Economics and Management of Xidian University, together with Xi’an Software Park and B Corps China, launched the Building Better Business Workshop in the Xi’an Software Park Demonstration Area on the afternoon of November 5, 2020. This workshop was introduced into China in recent years, and was successfully held in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu and other cities. This activity launched in Xi’an Software Park and in Xidian University on November 4represented the first workshop heldin Xi’an.

This workshop was presided over by Cai Peng,Director of the Industry Service Center of Xi’an Software Park Demonstration Area. Sun Bingzhen,Vice Dean of XDU-SEM, delivered a speech. This work shopalso attracted Zhang Weili,Director of International Programs XDU-SEM, Jia Junxiu, key researcher of the Institute for Green and Sustainable Development of XDU-SEM, MBA alumni and students from XDU-SEM, and more than 40 high-level enterprise representatives from enterprises settledin Xi’an Software Park.

In the warm-uplink, all guests introduced themselves briefly one by one. After that, Cai Pengopened theworkshop with some words.Sun Bingzhen explained the original intention and expectation of the cooperation between the School and the Software Park in his speech. He said that he hoped to take advantage of this opportunity to show and give full play to the resources advantages of colleges and universities,and constantly promote the coalition of college and enterprise. In this way, the university teachers and student scango out of the campus and participate in more practice activities of enterprises. By combining theory and practice,the papers can be composed in asure footed way.Next, Jiang Yufei, Project Manager of B Corps China for the Building Better Business Work shop Project, introduced the development process of B Corps and listed several cases to clarify the meaning of B Corps step-by-step, and also elaborated the importance and necessity of sustainable development concept in modern society. After the brief introduction of the game, the participants carried out the immersive board game in groups with great interest, creating the war matmo sphere. After the game, each group shared their conclusions. They explained their understandings on sustainable development of enterprises from the perspectives of social responsibility, employee training, product evaluation, environmental protection, etc., and shared more realistic views of how their industry works in the real world. Their words also triggered the in-depth thinking of other guests.


The first Building Better Business Workshop jointly organized by the School of Econo micsand Management and Xi’an Software Park Demonstration Area and B Corps China boosted IT enter prises in Xi’an participating in the workshop to think deeply about how to exert greater social influence in daily operation and business activities. At the same time,it can also strengthen the link between the School and local enterprises, promote the coalition of college and enterprise, and provide a broader and higher-quality internship and employment platform for our students.

In particularly, students from the XDU-SEM Study Department of the Student Union also participated in the workshop as on-site volunteers and guides. Their hard work also greatly supported the success of the workshop.