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Lecture | One of the Series of Lectures Themed by “Academic and Postgraduate International Competency Development Forum” Concerning Management Science and Engineering Disciplines Held in Xidian University

Time:Nov 9, 2020  Views:

(Correspondents: Liu Jingyang, Luo Ming and Ma Yuankai) On the morning of November 9, ProfessorIlanOshrifromBusiness SchoolofUniversity of Auckland,made an academic report onDoing Visual Data Research in the form of video conference, and held heated discussions with teachers and students ofSchool of Economics and Management, Xidian University. This symposium was presided over by Professor Du Rong.

Professor Du Rong ofSchool of Economics and Management, Xidian Universitypresided over the symposium

ProfessorIlanOshriintroduced the most cutting-edge data chart presentation in management field, and discussed the practical applications of data charts by analyzing a case of a typical digital service supplier on this symposium, which aroused strong interest of teachers and students and led to remarkable academic exchange results.

Professor Du Rong praised the speech delivered by ProfessorIlanOshri, andsummarizedand evaluated the discussion results achieved in this successfulsymposium.

ProfessorIIanOshrigave a keynote speech

On-site teachers and students attended the symposium for communication and mutual learning