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A Series of Activities on Talent Cultivation and Ideological and Political Education of Taoli Guangong Team, School of Economics & Management Kicked off

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(Correspondents:Wang Fang, Wang Guanyu) In the afternoon of April 21,aseries ofactivities on talent cultivation and ideological and political education of Taoli Guangong team, School of Economics & Management kicked off in the Corridor Meeting Room of the School of Economics & Management of Xinyuan Building of South Campus. Wang Weidong, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of the School, and Professor Li Hua, Team Leader, participated in this ceremony and gave their speeches. Team tutors Professor Sun Bingzhen, Professor Wen Haoyu and Professor Chen Xi, Part-time Team Instructor Dr. Guo Ning and 16 representatives of postgraduates attended this ceremony held by Associate Professor Wang Fang, Team Secretary.

Guided by the requirements of the Special Plan for Reform of Postgraduate Learning Guidance and Ideological and Political Education Mechanism of Xidian Universityand themed by "Three Goals" of "Taoli Guangong Postgraduate Learning Guidance and Ideological and Political Education Innovation Team (hereinafter referred to as "Taoli Guangong Team") in the pilot work, a series of activities aimed to explore a new mode of learning guidance and ideological and political education of small team communion under major disciplines and a new effective path for perfection of ideological and political education and talent cultivation mechanism of postgraduates of the School.

Professor Li Hua, Leader of Taoli Guangong Team, introduced the background and basic information of the team. Firstly, he interpreted General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech during visit of Tsinghua University on April 19, and pointed out that the School has been exploring the innovation of ideological and political education and talent cultivation and gradually changing the student training mode and assessment ways in recent years. Therefore, 5 tutors from the management science and engineering discipline made efforts to build Taoli Guangong Team to explore and establish a new mode of "three-chain integration" oftalentcultivation and ideological and political education dominated by "the growth chain of students", "cored by" "the party affairs education of school and college", "supplemented by" the ideological and political education and talent cultivation of tutor team and “supported by" the self-management of students organization. Finally, he indicated that team activities should follow "virtue, intelligence, physical conditions, mind status and community service" and have "rich and abundant" contents, and should be the ones for different grades of students to make "Taoli Guangong" recognized among all teachers and students.

Wang Weidong, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of the School, expressed that the main task of strengthening moral education and cultivating people should penetrate the whole process of student training, and the efforts should be made to cultivate new age talents with responsibility of national rejuvenation. The ideological and political education of postgraduates is indeed different from that of undergraduates-with the class concept relatively weakened,there are certain realdifficulties in implementingthe collective ideological and political activities. The useful exploration of Taoli Guangong Team will form thedual characteristics of management system and training mode for the postgraduate cultivation, and it will play a positive and exemplary roleforthe future postgraduate cultivation practice.

Upon the opening ceremony, theLife Discussion – Guide the Choice of Life with “Materialistic Dialectics”, the first exchange of Taoli Guangong Team, has been successfully held. Professor Wen Haoyu firstinterpretedthe core concept of the materialistic dialectics, andthendiscussed the core argument on choices "doctoral study" or "employment" after graduation with students. Professor Wen's witty wordson topicssuch as "strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges", "how to realize the value of life", "know yourself, realize yourself and surpass yourself", "ask questions, analyze problems and solve problems", and his skillful and patient teaching made the audience laugh and wave the applause unceasingly.

Finally, the tutor team and representatives of postgraduates exchanged the current topics and discussed the academic or life puzzles faced by postgraduates in second grade. Theexchange from "school, occupation and spouse choice" to interests and hobbies gives students an opportunity to express their emotions and makes the teachers and students feel closer. All students are looking forward to the next activity.