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Professor He Zhen's Special Session Titled "100 Academic Masters on XDU Campus"

Time:Apr 21, 2021  Views:

(Correspondents: Yang Ting, Yue Xinrui, Zhang Dongyun, Xue Yuanyuan) On the 90th anniversary of the founding of Xidian University, Professor He Zhen, Distinguished Professor of Changjiang Scholar of the Ministry of Education, Winner of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars,Deputy Director of Steering Committee of Industrial Engineering of the Ministry of Education and Professor of Tianjin University, was invited to visitthe School of Economics and Management for exchange in the afternoon of April 18, and gave a speech titled "100 Years Development and Future Prospect of Quality Discipline" in Xinyuan II - 324 Academic Lecture Hall of South Campus. More than 100 teachers and students listened tothis lecture presided over by Professor Chen Xi,the Department Head of Management Engineering.

Special Session Given by Professor He Zhen

In the Session, Professor He Zhen looked back the process of 100 years of development of quality management,and analyzed existing problems, opportunities and challenges of quality management in manufacturing industry of China combined with the strategy of powerful nation with quality.Professor He Zhen pointed out that thequality science with afundamentalgoal ofpromotingsocial well-being, sustainable development and customer valueand an object of the whole-life cycle of products and services belonged to a method model or the optimal science to reveal influencing factor and rule forquality formation during design, production and serviceand to study how to improve the product and service quality. He emphasized that big data was crucial to quality management in the quality 4.0times, and highly personalized customization of virtual reality would be a new direction of product development. He expressed that the quality management should focus on key scientific issues such as quality control for medical and health industries and service quality management and innovation under E-commerce in the future intelligent manufacturing environment.

Upon the Session, the participants discussed with Professor He Zhen lively, and everyone expressed that Professor He Zhen's simple but profound foresight and rich and practical insight presented 100 years of development history of quality management from an international perspective and a scientific height, defined the quality scienceac curately and made clear the future trend of quality science,so that the knowledge and horizon of teachers and students are increased andbroadened. Professor He Zhen also gave valuable suggestions on construction and development of the industrial engineering and management science and engineering specialties.

This activity is one of a series of activities of "100 Academic Masterson XDU Campus",supported by the Human Resources Department/Talent Work Office and the School Anniversary Office, and it will certainly play the leading and think-tanks role to the full of high-level experts in the school undertaking.

Earnest Teachers and Students at the Scene

Exchange between Professor He Zhenand Teachers/Students

About the Speaker:

He Zhen, Professor of College of Management and Economics of Tianjin University,distinguished professor of Changjiang Scholar of the Ministry of Education,Winner of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, leading talent of philosophy and social scienceof national "Ten Thousands of PeoplePlan", famous cultural artist and "four kinds of a batch" talents,IAQ Academician, expert with special government allowance of the State Council, candidate of national "Hundred-Thousand-Ten-Thousand Project" , national young and middle-aged expertwithprominent contribution, Tianjinelitist,Sino-USFulbright Scholarand excellent talent of new century of the Ministry of Education, has been mainly engaged in the teaching and scientific research in the field of quality management and quality engineering. He once took charge of 3 National Natural Science Fund key projects and 4 National Natural Science Fund general projects, and acts as Deputy Director of Steering Committee of Industrial Engineering of the Ministry of Education,Vice Chairmanof Society of Management Science and Engineering of China, Chairman of Tianjin Institution of Industrial Engineering and Deputy Director of Academic Committee of China Association for Quality. He once published more than 200 papers in important journals, including more than 80SCI/SSCI search papers, and once assumed the office of Chief Editor of "Computers and Industrial Engineering".