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Academic Meeting and School Anniversary in Xidian University, New Chapter in Engineering Frontier

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- Editorial Committee of "Information and Electronic Engineering Discipline" of Engineering of Journal of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Engineering Frontier Forum Held in XDU

(Correspondent: Chen Yuan) On April 10, the Editorial Committee of “Information and Electronic Engineering Discipline” of Engineering of Journal of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Engineering Frontier Forum was held in the Conference Hall, Room 210, Office Building, South Campus, Xidian University.

This forum was themed by the future electronic information development trend and key technologies”, and more than 20 experts and scholars, including Lu Bingheng, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and professor of Xi’an Jiaotong University, Guan Xiaohong, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and professor of Xi’an Jiaotong University, Wu Hanming, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and professor of Zhejiang University, Wei Yiyin, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and academician of International Academy of Astronautics, Lu Guiwen (online), academician of the Royal Academy of Engineering gathered in Xidian University to discuss the hot topics, difficulties and key points of the future development of electronic information for leading significant problems of electronic information technology and engineering. Duan Baoyan, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, was the chairman of the meeting, and President Yang Zongkai participated in the opening ceremony and gave a speech, while Vice President Xie Junzhan attended the opening ceremony.

In the speech, Yang Zongkai pointed out that the scientific technical journal inheriting the human civilization, gathering the scientific discoveries and leading the scientific and technological development can directly reflect the national science and technology competitiveness and cultural soft power. The Engineering of the journal of the Chinese Academy of Engineering has fully played an important role in academic guidance and scientific and technological innovation, and has become an important force in international scientific and technological journals.

Yang Zongkai expressed that Xidian University is an electronic information university with distinctive characteristics, which has kept the warm regards of General Secretary Xi Jinping to school teachers always in mind and has been striving to become a creator of major achievements and a national strategic science and technology strength. The Zhuri Project and Miyin Plan led by the School have been approved by General Secretary Xi Jinping, and its batch of scientific and technological achievements have been applied to national key projects such as Beidou, Tianyan, Change 5 Probe, Tianwen 1 and Striver. He pointed out that this year was the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC and the 90th anniversary of the founding of the University, and the forum would reveal more possibilities for scientific and technological innovation, and would make the journal Engineering show greater vitality. He hoped that the Chinese Academy of Engineering can work together and lead many scientific and technological workers including teachers and students of Xidian University to reach new heights of science and technology.

In the speech, Duan Baoyan expressed that the Engineering is the flagship journal of the Chinese Academy of Engineering edited by Academician Zhou Ji. For the past few years, the journal has become more and more popular, with the factor of influence up to 7.2 in 2020. Engineering, of which the Editorial Committee of Information and Electronic Engineering Discipline is an important part, has got strong support of tens of academicians and hundreds of young scholars from all over the world

Duan Baoyan suggested that the guiding philosophies of the Editorial Committee of Information and Electronic Engineering Discipline mainly include: firstly supporting the innovation and development of the Engineering and making its contributions to expand the influence; secondly, building the bridge and cultivating the fertile soil for academic exchange in the field of electronic information; thirdly, finding out more outstanding young scholars and creating more development opportunities for scholars. He expressed that the electronic and information technology develops rapidly and is characterized with extreme frequency, extreme environment, extremely wide frequency band, intelligent algorithm and ubiquitous network, which brings greater challenges and more opportunities for the development of information technology. He hoped that participants can feel the elegant demeanor of the master researchers and have gains to some extent by listening to their wonderful reports, so as to make the information and electronic engineering discipline more contributive to the development and growth of Engineering, motivate us to make an effort in information technology development and construction of first-class university and present a gift for the 90th birthday of Xidian University.

In the forum, the participants shared the original academic achievements and exchanged the leading innovation thoughts around 3D printing+, Cyber-Physical System in network and intelligent times, chip challenges and opportunities in post-moore law period, typical naval battlefield competing interaction scenario and coping strategy study, millimeter wave terahertz core chip and system, new radar system study progress and application, transformative communication network development and hot topics and key points in the field of artificial intelligence.

According to the report, the journal Engineering was founded in 2015, and undertakes the mission of the Chinese Academy of Engineering in academic leading role in the highest academic institution. It aims to provide a global high-level engineering science and technology platform for publishing and exchanging main achievements, discuss the hot and difficult issues in the development of engineering science and technology, prospect the future engineering science and technology development to make engineering science and technology grow rapidly, bring benefit to mankind and create the better future.

Based on important arrangement of the Party Central Committee in promotion of scientific and technological innovation and cultivation of global world-class academic journal, the Engineering with a goal of becoming a world-class academic and authoritative journal in the engineering field has been successively included in ESCI, SCI and EI, and its overall academic level and international influence have been increased rapidly. According to Clarivate Analytics’ 2020 Journal Citation Report, the Engineering has occupied the 4th position in Q1 Zone in comprehensive engineering journals, and its factor of influence has ranked the 18th among 253 SCI journals in Chinese mainland.

This forum was sponsored by the Editorial Department of Engineering, Chinese Academy of Engineering and Xidian University, and undertaken by the School of Mechano-Electronic Engineering, Xidian University, the Key Laboratory of Radar Signal Processing, the School of Economics & Management and Key Laboratory of Electronic Equipment Structure Design, Ministry of Education, China, as well as supported by Engineering Sciences Periodical Office, national Antenna System Industry Alliance, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering Branch of Chinese Institute of Electronics and 111 Innovation and Talents Introduction Base of Electromechanical Coupling Theory and Key Technologies of Electronic Equipment.