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Paper of Wang Shouyang, Honorary Dean of the School of Economics & Management, Xidian University, Featured in Science

Time:Mar 29, 2021  Views:

(Correspondent: Ma Yuankai) A research paper from Duan Hongbo (first author), the School of Economics & Management, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Wang Shouyang, et. al. entitled “Assessing China’s efforts to pursue the 1.5°C warming limit” has been accepted by the top international journal Science in a form of Research Article. The Science is a top international journal with the factor of influence more than 41, and there are a few Research Articles in its economics edition, and this paper is the first Research Article on economics in the Science for China.

Wang Shouyang, distinguished researcher of Chinese Academy of Sciences, doctoral tutor, winner of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, TWAS academician, academician of the International Academy for Systems and Cybernetic Sciences, was appointed as the Honorary Dean of the School of Economics & Management, Xidian University in 2018. Since acting as this position, Professor Wang Shouyang tackled key problems based on the topic about “impact analysis and corresponding suggestions of COVID-19 on whole industry chain” with Professor Zhou Xiaoyang, and analyzed the impact of COVID-19 on China’s chip industry and provided the countermeasures under the dual background of fighting against COVID-19 and trade friction. This paper was published by the Economic Daily, a party newspaper directly subordinate to the central government sponsored by the State Council, and reprinted by Tonghuashun, CNFOL.COM, and other famous media. This reflects the features and advantages of the School of Economics & Management during service provision to the society, the courage and confidence of serving the country with efforts, and also greatly improves the social influence of the school.

The School focuses on the integration between internal and external resources, so as to continuously improve the level of scientific research and make contribution to the social service. For the past few years, the School has engaged influential experts, scholars and entrepreneurs as the visiting professors or members of the Strategy Consulting Committee, and invited excellent talents to school to give speech and provide the cutting-edge content and practical experience yearly, so that new energy can be put into the scientific research and teaching. The School lays emphasis on characteristics of the economics and management and consultation service, and a lot of teachers can guide students to deeply understand the management field, provide the solutions to government departments and enterprises and write the research reports for adoption by the governments. In the future, the School will gather strength to build the School with ICT characteristics to forge ahead and create the economic management value.