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Wang Peng, a SEM Doctoral Student, Published a Paper in a Top International Journal POM

Time:Mar 15, 2021  Views:

In the past few years, the research achievement entitled “Is investment in data analytics always profitable? The case of third-party-online-promotion marketplace” from the doctoral candidate Wang Peng admitted to the School of Economics & Management in 2016 was published in the top journal in management science and engineering field Production and Operations Management (hereinafter referred to as POM). This paper is the research achievement of the general project of National Natural Science Foundation of China presided over by the Huashan Scholar and Distinguished Professor Du Rong.

POM is one of the first-class periodical directories UTD24 recognized by global business colleges, and is famous for its high influence in operation management field and has won a high academic reputation in the international management field. Upon working with partners widely and deeply, Wang Peng studied the commission strategies of the third-party online promotion platform, creatively proposed a commission plan based on the types of merchants, presented the applicable conditions of the plan, and revealed the influence mechanism of the plan on merchants and consumers. This study has application value for the entrepreneurship and innovation of online promotion platform entrepreneurs, and provides an important management enlightenment for the development of Internet information service industry.

With the academic influence of the research achievement, the School of Management, University of Science and Technology of China invited Wang Peng to give an academic report in the morning of March 4.

About Wang Peng:

Wang Peng, born in 1994, graduated from the School of Economics & Management, Xidian University in 2015. He studied for a degree of master in management science and engineering without examination for his excellent results in undergraduate period, and his tutor is Associate Professor Ai Shizhong. Because of his outstanding scientific research potential, he became a doctoral candidate in management science and engineering in 2016, and studied with Professor Du Rong to carry out related research work. His research direction is information system management and E-commerce platform operation