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Inherit the Spirits of School of Economics & Management, and Strive to Become Excellent New Generation

Time:May 21, 2021  Views:

-Special Lecture on Study and Education of the Partys History and the 26th Intermediate Party School Training Class in SEM

(Correspondents: Chen Yuan and Chen Wenhui) On May 17, Special Lecture on Study and Education of the Partys History and the 26th Intermediate Party School Training Class was held in School of Economics & Management, where Professor Zhao Pengwei from the Department of Information Management was invited to tell the development process of SEM as well as its original aspiration to applicants for party membership and student party members of the School. Deputy Party Secretary Wang Weidong presided over the lecture held in II-324 Lecture Hall of Xinyuan Building.

As introduced by Professor Pengwei, XDU-SEM was founded in 1980 and formerly known as Department of Management Engineering and Information Engineering. Owing to long-term care and guidance of successive leaders of the University as well as continuous efforts of generations, the School has developed into a school of great importance in the discipline of economics and management in China. Reviewing the development process of the School helps to understand the fine tradition and style of both the University and the School which are expected to be inherited and carried forward by the new generation of students in the School.

Professor Pengwei reviewed the development process of the School in five stages and introduced the deeds and achievements of representatives of outstanding graduates. He encouraged students to continue to work hard and create their own glory. He also encouraged them to take active attitude towards their study and work by telling his own learning and life experience in the School of Economics & Management. First, students should strive to be excellent and have the ambition to be the backbone of the Party and the country, making contribution to the motherland and people. Second, they should make systematic plan and schedule, and implement measures when necessary. Third, they should strive to progress, take a right attitude, attach great importance to academic achievements, and learn to study with awe. Fourth, they should consciously cultivate their own comprehensive quality, strengthen self-discipline, actively participate in teamwork, and foster the spirit of innovation.

In the end, Professor Zhao Pengwei encouraged everyone by citing what General Secretary Xi Jinping once said: Dont waste your youth, live up to the promise to the times, cherish the time to study hard, learn knowledge, master skills, foster correct outlook on the world and life as well as correct values, take the first step correctly on the path of life, and contribute wisdom to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.