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Successful Completion of Quality Online Courses Offered by Foreign Teachers to Graduate Students in XDU-SEM

Time:Jun 1, 2021  Views:

(Correspondents: Dong Ming and Xia Feng) Associate Professor Dong Ming from the School of Economics & Management invited Peter Holmes and Colin Lucking from University of Sussex in the UK to jointly offer 32 class hours of all English online course - Using TradeSift to Understand World Trade so as to help students gain an in-depth understanding of current trends of world trade and challenges and opportunities facing China in current world trade.

This course is the first theory + practice based overseas non-credit certificate course offered to graduate students in the School of Economics & Management. Among all 32 class hours, theory and practice account for 16 class hours respectively. In addition to graduate students, many undergraduates and international students also participated in the course which began on April 19, 2021 and ended on May 27, 2021. Five professors from three time zones i.e. China, UK and Switzerland taught the same course. In class, teachers and students had intense and frequent interaction, with high proportion of course objectives achieved.


It is reported that Professor Peter Holmes is a Senior Consultant of European Commission who knows and loves China. He has been interviewed by Xinhua News Agency, he had the experience of giving lectures in Renmin University of China and Party School of Xian Municipal Party Committee. TradeSift is an analysis software specially developed by the course teaching team to offer professional advice for European Commission, the UK government and enterprises. Michael Laffey in the UK and Theresa Carpenter in Switzerland were also invited to participate in the whole course at the same time. They shared trade knowledge with others, gave instructions for software practice, and also provided other contents of high value.

The course offered data analysis software (TradeSift Edu) and practice database supporting the customized content of the course, gave instructions for students to use software for data analysis, and deepened their understanding of world trade related issues through operation. In the teaching process, Professor Peter Holmes and Professor Theresa Carpenter explained the concept of world trade, various indicators and current situation of international trade to students, constantly communicated and interacted with students, and asked for their feedback. Colin Lucking and Michael Laffy analyzed the operating instructions for data analysis software to students. The course was rich in content and the teacher explained profound theories in simple language, which was highly praised by the students.

The students gained international cutting-edge expertise through course learning, solved practical issues in international trade by using application analysis software, expanded their international vision, and also enhanced their professional English communication skills. The course was completed in the form of group presentation. The presentation of each group was so wonderful and highly praised by the teachers. Those who successfully completed the course were awarded the certificate jointly issued by Xidian University and University of Sussex.

The students sincerely expressed their thanks to professors at the end of the course.

As an old saying goes, “the road ahead will be long and our climb will be steep”. Though the course came to an end, there is still a long way to go. The School of Economics & Management will adhere to the human-oriented concept, constantly provide various learning opportunities by developing channels and utilizing available resources, enhance students ability of combining theory with practice, and cultivate applied talents which meet the requirements of the new era.

Brief introduction to the lecturer:

Since 1974, Peter Holmes has served as a teacher of the University of Sussex, visiting scholar of University of British Columbia, and guest professor of the College of Europe (Brugge and Warsaw) and France. He has been engaged in the research on European economic integration and other global public policy issues, including the relationship between EU and WTO. His research interests involve the relationship between complicated policies such as trade, competition, regulation and technology. He has also prepared many reports for European Commission and the World Bank. He is also a researcher from UKTPO in the University of Sussex.

In 2007, Colin Lucking received a degree in mathematics from Kings College London. Then he taught statistics to preparatory students from the School of Medicine. As chief software developer of TradeSift in the company InterAnalysis, he has been working with Professor Michael Gassiorek on partial equilibrium model written in multiple languages, with programming experience of more than 40 years. He has also accumulated experience of 20 years in foreign exchange transaction, cryptocurrency, insurance, manufacturing and statistical reporting business.