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An Undergraduate Student from the School of Economics & Management Won the Champion in the Global Final of the 11th Huawei Financial Elite Challenge

Time:Jun 7, 2021  Views:

(Correspondent: Guo Wei) The global final of the 11th Huawei Financial Elite Challenge came to an end in Huaweis global headquarters in Shenzhen on May 28. The team called Daily Salary of Over RMB 100 Million composed of Jing Yuxuan, an undergraduate from the School of Economics & Management of Xidian University who was admitted in 2017, and other team members from Wuhan University stood out from 11622 contestants all over the world and won the champion!


The team competed with other teams from five major competition areas in the world. Other teams in the final were from world famous universities: Peking University, Fudan University, Zhejiang University, South China University of Technology, Central University of Finance and Economics, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Jinan University, Imperial College London and New York University. As the slogan of the competition goes Your Financial Capability is Related to the World, Huawei Financial Elite Challenge is a financial competition platform of “professional depth, actual combat among enterprises and global vision provided by Huawei to global college students. As one of the top business events, Huawei Financial Elite Challenge focuses on the exploration and cultivation of financial elites in the colleges and universities both at home and abroad. Since its establishment in 2011, it has become the most attractive and competitive campus event for business majors.

In the global final this year, the questions were raised in advance, but the answers were required to be submitted within a limited time and displayed in Huaweis headquarters in Shenzhen. The presentation link of the final began at 9 oclock on May 26 when Ms. Shi Yanli, Deputy CFO of Huawei, made an opening speech and wished all participants good results. Then ten teams displayed their analysis results, put forward their insightful views, answered sharp questions raised and also received comments made by the judges until 6 teams successfully advanced to second round of PK competition, which began at 09:00 a.m. on May 27. After intense and fierce competition, the team eventually defeated other competitors by virtue of its solid financial foundation, meticulous logic of thinking, rigorous data analysis ability as well as strong field control ability, and won the championship in the 11th Huawei Financial Elite Challenge, which was the first time that a XDU-SEM team won the greatest honor of the event.


Huawei Financial Elite Challenge aims at selecting outstanding financial elites, and cultivating and discovering more high-end talents. Such competition not only provides our students with a platform for professional practice and application, but also offers a chance for them to display their professional quality and style, encouraging them to get rid of the restrictions of theories learned in books, focus on business, and seek self-improvement and achievement in practice.

Your Financial Capability is Related to the World. Congratulations again on winning the global champion in the 11th Huawei Financial Elite Challenge! The School also hopes our students can make persistent efforts to make another splendid achievement again!