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Activities of Young Teacher Training and the Party Themed Day Were Held in the School of Economics & Management

Time:Jun 7, 2021  Views:

(Correspondent: Chen Yuan) On June 4, the activities of Starting from the 14th Five-Year Plan for New Journey themed young teacher training and Understanding the History of the Party to Inherit National Culture, Comprehending Thoughts to Appreciate the Feelings of People themed day for the Party were carried out in the School of Economics & Management. The participants visited Chen Zhongshi Literary Hall and Chen Zhongshis former residence to experience the literary journey of White Deer Plain creation. The study of the Partys history was integrated with business training to realize the integration and mutual promotion of business study and party construction. Li Yaoping, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School, Huang Meijuan, Assistant Dean, and Wang Weidong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, participated in the activities. Besides, young teachers and managerial staff who have been employed since October 2018, and more than 20 members in all teachers Party branches participated in the activities.


Under the guidance of the instructor, young teachers learned more about Mr. Chen Zhongshis brilliant life of literature exploration, pursuit and creation, especially the hardships during the creation of White Deer Plain as well as its literary achievement, in Chen Zhongshi Literary Hall established in Xian Siyuan University. The manuscripts of White Deer Plain, manuscripts of literary creation, published works and related objects of Chen Zhongshi in different periods, many photos of Chen Zhongshi in his early years, correspondence with friends and other valuable information, all editions of White Deer Plain and related comments since its publication can be found in Chen Zhongshi Literary Hall. When looking at the exhibits with great interest and reverence, the teachers were fascinated by historical connotation and national spirit reflected by the works of Mr. Chen Zhongshi.

Then young teachers had an informal discussion with Shi Xinghai, visiting professor of School of Economics & Management and Director of Xian Baqiao Cultural Centre, Li Junli, Vice Chairman of Baqiao District Literary Federation and Chairman of Writers Association, and Chen Zhengqi, Professor of Xian University and cultural scholar, in the library conference room of Xian Siyuan University. They respectively introduced the hardships and difficulties during the creation of White Deer Plain, shared with others the historical background, life background and literature concept of Mr. Chen Zhongshi during his literary creation. They also pointed out that grass-roots life experience was of great significance to Mr. Chen Zhongshis literary creation. The teachers exchanged their thoughts and understandings of study tour and personal reading experience.

Li Yaoping, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School, made a summary speech. As he pointed out, Mr. Chen Zhongshi took root in the countryside, reality and culture, and wrote his articles about his motherland in spite of hardships during creation. Young teachers have to experience “three realms of life” and forge ahead in spite of difficulties before they can achieve the great cause. Li Yaoping stressed that, this year for convergence of “two centenary goals” is the centenary of the founding of the Party. The journey of literature today injected cultural nutrition as well as the vitality of cultural confidence to life and work of teachers. It is hoped that both teachers and party members can actively learn the history of the Party, consider the merits of the Communist Party of China, Marxism and socialism with Chinese characteristics, keep “confidence in the path, theory, system, and culture of socialism with Chinese characteristics”, focus on the urgent need of the country and the need of people, serve national and regional economic and social development, and learn history to understand the truth, enhance confidence, advocate morality and practice diligently. Young teachers are expected to set up their own goals, stay enthusiastic, strengthen solidarity and coordination, make contribution to connotation construction of the School, and strive to make its own achievements in the context of modern and powerful socialist country construction.

In the end, young teachers also paid a visit to Chen Zhongshis former residence in Xijiang Village, Baqiao District, feeling the spiritual power of Mr. Chen Zhongshi during his creation of White Deer Plain.