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School of Economics & Management Held “Forum for Common Prosperity and Shaanxi High-quality Economic Development”

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On September 25, the “Forum for Common Prosperity and Shaanxi High-quality Economic Development” & the Zhongfa Seminar of Shaanxi Provincial Society of Development Economics was successfully held in Xi’an, an ancient city with a long history, in the afternoon.

Forum Site

The Forum is an academic activity under major support of Shaanxi Provincial Federation of Social Sciences in 2021, which was hosted by Shaanxi Provincial Society of Development Economics and undertaken by the School of Economics & Management, Xidian University (hereinafter referred to as “XDU SEM” or “the School”). Participants in the Forum were the experts, specialists and scholars from over ten universities, colleges and scientific research institutions such as Shaanxi Academy of Social Sciences, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Northwest University, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Shaanxi Normal University, Chang’an University, Xi’an Polytechnic University, Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology, Baoji University of Arts and Sciences, Xi’an Peihua University and Xi’an Eurasian University, as well as many business people.To be specific, the expertspresent were Prof. Luo Xinyuan (the Party Secretary of Xi’an Peihua University), Kong Xiangli (the Chairman of Shaanxi Research Society of Das Kapital and the professor of Shaanxi Normal University), He Aiping, Li Chunqing (the professors of Northwest University), Xu Zhangyong (theChairman of Shaanxi Provincial Society of Development Economics and the professor of Northwest University), Prof. Chai Jian (the Vice-chairman of Shaanxi Provincial Society of Development Economics and Executive Dean of XDU SEM). Prof. Yin Haiyuan (the Vice-chairman of Shaanxi Provincial Society of Development Economics and Associate Dean of International Business School of Shaanxi Normal University), Prof. Wang Baozhong (the Vice-chairman of Shaanxi Provincial Society of Development Economics and Associate Dean of School of Management of Xi’an Polytechnic University), and Mr. Zhang An (the Secretary General of Shaanxi Provincial Association of Digital Economy Development).

The Forum was hosted by Prof. Wang Baozhong,the Vice-chairman of Shaanxi Provincial Society of Development Economics, during which Prof. Xu Zhangyong, theChairman of Shaanxi Provincial Society of Development Economics made a speech first. In his speech, Chairman Xu first expressed his welcome and thanks to the experts, specialists, scholars and business people for coming to the Forum. Moreover, he pointed out that Shaanxi Provincial Society of Development Economics is a province-level society newly established this year, which bears the ardent hope and expectation of the old generation of development economists including Zhang Peigang and He Liancheng on constructing a discipline system of the development economics of socialism with Chinese characteristics, with a focus on the study on major theoretical and practical problems in the economic and social development of China, particularly in the economic and social development of Shaanxi Province, so as to provide intellectual support for the government in decision making. At the end, he expressed his expectation to gain more support for the Society in the future!

Hosted by Vice-chairman Wang Baozhong

Speech by Chairman Xu Zhangyong

At the keynote stage, Kong Xiangli, the professor of Shaanxi Normal University, delivered a presentation titled with “Common Prosperity and Socialism”. The topic was elaborated from following four aspects: a. Marxism, in essence, is a theory of how to achieve common prosperity, while the common prosperity is the ultimate goal of Marxism on socialism and communism; b. Common prosperity has always been the goal pursuit and the original intention of Chinese Communists; c. Socialism with Chinese characteristics and common prosperity support and help each other and develop forward together; d. To facilitate the common prosperity in high-quality development, a key and core is to adhere to and develop the socialist market economy.

Speech by Prof. Kong Xiangli

Speech by He Aiping, the professor of Northwest University, was themed on “Unique Value of Modernization with Chinese Characteristics and Realization Path of Common Prosperity from the Perspective of Marxist Modernization”. At the beginning, she emphasized that common prosperity is not simply an allocation problem, but a development problem, and the unique value of modernization with Chinese characteristics is expressed in two aspects: a. It transcends the western modernization; b. It transcends the traditional socialist development. Furthermore, she specified the specific realization path of common prosperity, including: we should drive quality change, efficiency change and power change in the high-quality development; facilitate green development and realize the harmonious coexistence between man and nature; and constantly promote the opening-up at a high level.

Speech by Prof. He Aiping

Prof. Luo Xinyuan, the Party Secretary of Xi’an Peihua University, made a speech themed on “Rural Revitalization and Common Prosperity”. In the speech, he pointed out that the unbalanced and inadequate development between urban and rural areas not only is simply a problem of income gap, but also includes a series realistic problems and predicaments such as the gap in infrastructure construction and public services between urban and rural areas, brain drain without return, disorder in cultural inheritance, cultural collapse and rural hollowing, as well as left-behind children, women and elderly. About how to efficiently and effectively engage the rural revitalization with the poverty-alleviation achievement consolidation, five suggestions were given by Prof. Luo: a. efficient policy engagement; b. drive endogenous motivation and self-development ability; c. improve the level of social public services and social security in rural areas; d. consolidate the rural infrastructure construction; f. promote the development of industries in poverty alleviation areas.

Speech by Prof. Luo Xinyuan

Associate Researcher Liu Liyun of Shaanxi Academy of Social Sciences delivered a presentation titled with “Cultural Connotation of Common Prosperity”, in which he made an interpretation focusing on the cultural thoughts of common prosperity in the Das Kapital, and especially presented an idea that “for the poverty alleviation to become prosperity, the material prosperity should be realized, and what’s more, the prosperity in spiritual civilization must be achieved”.

Speech by Associate Researcher Liu Liyun

At the end, Prof. Chai Jian, the Executive Dean of XDU SEM made a summary for the Forum. At first, he expressed his thanks to the coming of the experts, specialists, scholars and the business people, and his congratulations to the successful holding of the Forum. Then, he expressed that the theme “Common Prosperity” of the Forum today embodied the social feelings and courage to take academic responsibilities of the development economists in Shaanxi Province; The speeches by the experts and specialists, with clear keynote and logic, widened our thoughts and ideas; and the holding of the Forum powerfully promoted the research and study on common prosperity and Shaanxi high-quality economic development.

Summary by Prof. Chai Jian



September 18

Big News Opening Ceremony of China Research Center of Small and Medium Enterprises in Xidian University

(Correspondents: Chen Yuan, Ma Yuankai) On September 16, the opening ceremony for China Research Center of Small and Medium Enterprises jointly established by China Association for Small & Medium Commercial Enterprises and Xidian University (hereinafter referred to as “XDU”) was held at the Conference Room 203 in XDU Conference Center in the afternoon. People present were Ren Xinglei, the Vice-chairman of China Association for Small & Medium Commercial Enterprises, Zhang Yi,the Director of Enterprise Division under Department of Industry and Information Technology of Shaanxi Province, Feng Lirong, the First-class Inspector of Department of Transport of Shaanxi Province, Zhang Xinmin, theChairman of Shaanxi Education Society and former Chief Accountant of Department of Education of Shaanxi Province, Xie Junzhan,the Vice President of XDU and Dean of SEM, and Shi Feng, the Vice President of XDU.

Luo Xia, the Vice-chairman of China Association for Small & Medium Commercial Enterprises and March 8th Red Banner Pacesetter, Shi Pengchang, the Managing Director and Gao Ping, the Deputy Secretary General, as well as Fu Ruibin, the Secretary General of Shaanxi Education Society, Liu Yong, Member of the Standing Committee of the People’s Political Consultative Conference of Shaanxi Province and President of Xi’an Jianyuan (Group) Holding Co., Ltd., and Chen Chao, the General Manager of T-line technology co., LTD. were invited to the opening ceremony and made exchanges and speeches.



Ren Xinglei said in his speech: the country pays high attention to the development of small and medium-sized enterprises and emphasizes their great importance. For the decade, the Research Center has undertaken a series of national important projects, participated in the revision to the Law on the Promotion of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, and published the Analysis and Outlook - Report on Survival and Development of Micro Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in China for five consecutive years, which has been highly admitted and affirmed by the government and many experts, specialists and scholars, and caught much attention from the domestic and overseas media. In 90 years since its establishment, XDU has trained a great number of excellent talents for all walks of life, highlighting its social influence. The construction of China Research Center of Small and Medium Enterprises actively led by XDU accelerates the promotion of emerging technology application and business scenario integration, and improved the ability of the platform to serve small and medium-sized enterprises, further highlighting the responsibility and courage to take responsibility of XDU people. Furthermore, he expressed that the Association would offer full support to the construction of China Research Center of Small and Medium Enterprises, recommend more domestic famous experts and specialists to join in the Center’s project research and study, and give deep support in terms of joint holding of activities, report release and consultation services, etc.

Shi Feng, on behalf of XDU, welcomed the coming of China Association for Small & Medium Commercial Enterprises. He said that, since its establishment, XDU has always been committed to the Party’s cause, obeyed the Party’s commands, actively contributed to the country, strived to be the creator of major achievements, and spared no effort to build a national team with national-level strategic scientific and technological forces. XDU encouraged and encourages to take the lead in deepening the implementation of organized scientific research and carrying out integrated research. In recent years, a batch of its major scientific research achievements have been applied to the national major projects such as Beidou Navigation Satellite System, Chang’e 5 probe, Tianwen 1 and Fendouzhe Striver deep-sea manned submersible, fully embodying XDU’s courage to take responsibilities. He expressed that SEM has made progress and become better in its development in recent years. Over 40 years, SEM has deepened the integration of Party building and business, adhered to the morality and talent training throughout its education, deepened the reform in its education and teaching, adhered to the concept that scientific research will contribute to social services and actively expanded its resources for school running, so as to make more great progress. It is believed that, under the support of China Research Center of Small and Medium Enterprises, SEM will get more powerful “good ideas” with greater influences to serve the economic development of both small & medium-sized enterprises and entire society, thus highlighting SEM’s purpose to serve the people wholeheartedly.

In his speech, Xie Junzhan, on behalf of XDU and SEM, thanked China Association for Small& Medium Commercial Enterprises. He pointed out that great contribution made by the small and medium-sized enterprises has been seen in the economic rise of China. The Small& Medium-sized Commercial Enterprises actively exert their initiatives and give full play to their flexibility to be the example and leader in the innovation, so as to become more powerful and influential and be “professional, fine, characteristic and novel” though in small size. Based on the great context of national economic development, the Research Center of Small and Medium Enterprises makes intellectual contribution to the long-term development of small and medium-sized enterprise all over the country. Having been cooperated and developed for ten years, XDU and the Association have jointly published many high-quality research achievements, and held conferences and meetings with far-reaching influence. For the subsequent cooperation, we need to draw lessons from the government management and enterprise development experience, offer bases for and make intellectual contributions to the government in decision-making taking into consideration of the international and domestic political and economic situations. Moreover, he said that XDU SEM faculty members will better integrate the strength in discipline management and the development of electronic information, function well as think tank, work hard in studying the problems presented by the Association and make achievements, so as to constantly expand the intellectual coverage and influence of XDU.


On the site, Luo Xia declared the reply from the Association to XDU. Ren Xinglei and Xie Junzhan jointly unveiled the nameplate for the Research Center. The Association and XDU made deep communications and exchanges on the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises and the construction of the Research Center. Present at the meeting were the representatives of teachers and students from XDU Academy of Science, Asset Management Company and SEM.

China Association for Small & Medium Commercial Enterprises is the only one comprehensive national-level social organization in the field of small and medium-sized commercial enterprises, which is led by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. The Association, as the bridge between governments and enterprises, the window of industries, the home of membership and the friend of enterprises, is devoted to solve the “bottleneck” technical problems and difficulties faced by the small and medium-sized enterprises in development. Relying on the construction by SEM, China Research Center of Small and Medium Enterprises will deeply research and study the development rule of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, to provide suggestions and advices on policies for their development and make XDU contributions to the construction of modern economic system.