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SEM Held the Academic and Postgraduates’ International Competency Cultivation Forum (XI)

Time:Oct 9, 2021  Views:

Correspondents: Liu Jingyang, Luo Ming) In the afternoon of October 8, at the invitation of SEM Prof. Du Rong, Prof. Leslie Willcocks, now working at the London School of Economics and Political Science and Green Templeton College of University of Oxford, made an academic report entitled as “Strategic Robotic Process Automation: How Leaders Gain Superior Long-Term Value” by videoconferencing in Lecture Hall 324, Xinyuan Building, XDU. The symposium was presided over by Du Rong, in which over 300 teachers and students, online and offline, participated in this symposium.

At the symposium, Leslie Willcocks firstly explained the meaning of robot process automation, and how to realize and deploy the robot process automation. Moreover, he gave examples for analysis on the development prospects and challenges of the cognitive automation tools and the artificial intelligence. Furthermore, he comprehensively demonstrated and interpreted the research value of the robot process automation and relevant lessons learnt, through his research and analysis on more than 700 cases from Europe, Asia Pacific and North America.

At the end of his report, Leslie Willcocks answered the questions from the teachers and students on site and communicated with them in a warm manner. In this way, the symposium was crowned with complete success!


Keynote Speech by Leslie Willcocks


Warm Communication with Teachers and Students on Site

Introduction to the lecturer:

■Prof. Leslie Willocks has won a worldwide reputation for his works in terms of the future digital innovation, outsourcing, global management strategy, organizational reform, IT management and digital business management of the robot process automation, AI and cognitive automation, etc. He is not only a co-author of 71 books on above subjects, but also the owner of more than 240 papers published on the journals including Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review, California Management Review, MIS Quarterly and Journal of Management Studies, etc. His works have been collected by Forbes, Harvard Business Review Online and other mainstream media, etc. With his courses for senior executives provided worldwide for nearly 25 years, he usually delivers keynotes at international conferences, and has been employed as consultant and expert witness by major enterprises and government agencies in UK, USA, Europe and Australia. His latest publications cover the Robot Process Automation Strategy (2019), Global Business: Strategic Background (2021), Global Business: Management (2021) and Advancing Information System Theory (2021, Palgrave · Macmillan).