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Successful Completion of Symposium by Prof. Dang Xinghua of Xi'an University of Technology

Time:Oct 19, 2021  Views:

In the afternoon of October 18, Prof. Dang Xinghua of Xi’an University of Technology delivered a report headlined “Change Mechanism of Venture Capital Network Community and Influence” at Lecture Hall 324, Xinyuan Building. This Symposium was presided over by SEM Associate Dean Prof. Xie Yongping, in which relevant SEM teachers and students at different grades participated.


As the symposium commenced, Prof. Dang Xinghua sketched a preliminary knowledge of the venture capital and joint venture capital for the teachers and students on site through the difference in innovation between China and USA and in venture capital in recent years. Then he explained the generation background, characteristics and types of the venture capital network community with combination of real data and popular and easy-to-understand language. Based on the exploration on influence factors of the changes in venture capital network with the grounded theory, an introduction was made by him to the evolution mechanism of venture capital network community explored and the factors affecting the evolution of venture capital network community discussed, respectively from the aspects of relationship and structure, by virtue of the random actor-oriented model and the simulation analysis method of agent-based modeling. Meanwhile, he also demonstrated the latest progress of study on relationship between the type of venture capital network and the investment performance, on the basis of the main effect model of “venture capital network community – information dissemination – investment performance”.

Prof. Dang Xinghua also answered in detail the questions from the participants one by one, and also exchanged ideas with the teachers and students.

Finally, Prof. Xie Yongping gave a summary speech and thanked Prof. Dang Xinghua for his sharing in respect of the venture capital network community.