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SEM Held Salon for “Huashan Scholar” Pilot Program

Time:Oct 20, 2021  Views:

(Correspondents: Li Congxiao, Meng Xiangfeng) In the afternoon of October 19, a salon for “Huashan Scholar” Pilot Program was held at Lecture Hall 324, Xinyuan Building, at which “Huashan Scholar” Distinguished Professors Du Rong and Chai Jian, Associate Dean Huang Meijuan, and young talents of “Huashan Scholar” attended. The Pilot Program is targeted at relying on the supervisor system, to fully exert the mentoring and leading roles of “Huashan Scholar” leading talents, so as to lay a solid platform for young teachers to grow and develop.


“Huashan Scholar” Distinguished Professors Du Rong and Chai Jian shared their experiences respectively from teaching ability, project application, cutting-edge direction and guidance for students, etc. Meanwhile, they also provided the young teachers with three suggestions: a. Encourage them in cross-discipline, cross-college and cross-school communications to break through the discipline boundary and achieve mutual complementarity of advantages and resource sharing; b. Combine national strategic needs with personal research to keep in step with the academic foreland; c. Actively cooperate with the leading enterprises, proceed from practice and focus on the practical problems.


Subsequently, young teachers made their statements successively with a focus on the scientific research direction, team development and talent cultivation, etc., contributing an enthusiastic and lively atmosphere of discussion.

SEM “Huashan Youth Elite” Associate Prof. Zhang Chengyuan said that “as a new teacher, I’d like to express my gratitude to the talent cultivation network and supervisors for their careful help and assistance. In days to come, I’ll actively communicate, report and summarize with my cooperative supervisors in terms of the academic papers, scientific research projects and other fields, so as to contribute my wisdom to solving the cutting-edge academic problems. Moreover, I’ll also place emphasis on the cross-college and cross-discipline research problems, and work hard at contributions to the innovation of both interdisciplinary theories and applications.”

“For some problems encountered by me in my way of scientific research, teachers Chai and Du gave detailed suggestions to me from the perspectives of actual demand research, interdisciplinary exchange and international frontier tracking. I benefited a lot. I was, am and will be supported by SEM resource sharing, team mentoring and supervisor Q&A. In this way, I look forward to the Pilot Program activities about to be carried out. Moreover, I’m full of confidence in the subsequent scientific research and teaching,” said by “Huashan” Associate Prof. Fan Guoqiang to be employed by SEM.