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SEM Held Academic and Postgraduates’ International Competency Cultivation Forum (XIII)

Time:Oct 25, 2021  Views:

(Correspondents: Liu Jingyang, Yang Fan) In the afternoon of October 25, invited by Prof. Du Rong, Prof. Detmar W. Straub, currently working at Fox School of Business and Management, Temple University, delivered an academic report headlined “A Dark Future for AI: The Looming Spectre of SkyNet?” through videoconferencing. This symposium was presided over by Du Rong, with more than 300 teachers and students participated online and offline.

At the symposium, by virtue of the video clips, Detmar W. Straub first elicited the classical problem of AI security “AI and thinking learning machines are surpassing human beings in terms of the ability and capability, and human beings may be unable to control the machine intelligence under rapid development”. Subsequently, in his report, he outlined and interpreted some past and present predictions, i.e., when will the technology become a reality? What economic, social and political problems will arise now? At the end, in the face of possible existing problems, Detmar W. Straub set forth an assumption of futurists for us, which covers the role of human beings in the coming era of thinking machines, and is of deep significance in enlightening the research and application of AI field.

Detmar W. Straub’s report has a fine sense of humor, in which the film clips provoke thoughts. At the end of symposium, Detmar W. Straub communicated and exchanged with the teachers and students on site.


Keynote Speech by Detmar W. Straub


Teachers and Students on Site


Introduction to the lecturer:

Having served as an editor in chief of MIS Quarterly (2008-2012), a senior editor of Information Systems Research and Journal of the AIS, and a co-editor of DATA BASE for Advances in Information Systems, Detmar W. Straub now is the associate editor of Journal of International Management and International Journal of Management and Business Analytics (IJMBA). He has also acted as the associate editor of Management Science and Information Systems Research, the associate publisher/editor of MIS Quarterly and a member of editorial committee of other journals. Moreover, he has been the vice president of periodicals founded by the Association for Information Systems (AIS), and served as the president of joint projects by AMCIS and ICIS, and the co-president of ICIS conference (2014). He was appointed as the fellow of the Association for Information Systems (AIS) in 2005 and honored with the lifelong achievement award LEO Award by AIS in 2012.