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SEM Carried out Activities Themed on “My XDU and Me”

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(Correspondents: Yan Kun, Liu Ruoyu and Li Yitian) At the 90th anniversary of XDU founding, SEM carried out the activities themed on “My XDU and Me” to encourage students to actively participate in SEM anniversary activities and stimulate students’ enthusiasm to XDU. Students greeted the 90th anniversary of the founding of XDU by “hand drawing of campus” and “love poems in three rows”, etc.

Hand drawing of my beautiful campus to show my love to XDU

In the morning of October 30,“My Color Drawing for XDU” was held by SEM Student Union in the hall of Zhuyuan No. 2 Building. Onthe huge scroll painting displayed on the table, the clock tower is located in the center of etiquette square. At the left side, the main teaching building and Shaw Library are dignified and magnificent. At the right side, the museum, Invengo Gym and library are lined up magnificently. Among the main buildings, dotted are the elements of XDU characteristics, including satellite, telescope, stone tablet inscribed by Chairman Mao and signal tower.

At the very onset of the activity, the students eagerly painted the campus in their mind with paintbrushes. Some students put on a gorgeous golden coat for the gym;Some students painted the main teaching building alternately in yellow, light blue and dark blue, making a hierarchical effect; For the library, some students painted its Area B in dark blue, indicating the calmer and down-to-earth characteristic of and profound knowledge in the library, and rendered its Area A in orange and light yellow, to be bright and lively, and highlighting the expected enthusiasm for learning. “Greeting the 90th anniversary of founding and Love for XDU” at the top of the scroll painting by the students is most striking, which expresses their blessing to XDU’ birthday and their pride of being XDU students.

Upon coloring for the scroll, the organizers also encouraged everyone to actively celebrate the anniversary of founding of their alma mater through creative work, so some students sketched their ideas on the drawing paper with pens and papers, with each of their strokes full of their efforts and best wishes to their alma mater.


At the end of activity, they moved the scroll painting to the etiquette square for a group photo, and presented their sincere wishes for the 90th anniversary of alma mater.


“Love Poems in Three Rows” to greet the 90th anniversary of XDU founding

A few days before the anniversary of XDU founding, SEM carried out the “Love Poems in Three Rows” event among the students throughout the School, in which students actively participated. SEM youths showed their love in writing and express their sincere wishes to the School in form of “Love Poems in Three Rows”.

Since the commencement of the event, SEM students, with great enthusiasm, showed a wide range and deep degree of involvement. During the event, SEM received hundreds of love poems full of deep love from different grades. At the same time, SEM selected the outstanding works, put in the special column and promoted for three times in the school’sWeChat Official Account“XDU SEM League Study”.

The activities themed on “My XDU and Me” arose the students’ thinking. Li Xinyu,a undergraduate of 2019 said: I’m so proud when witnessing the celebration for the 90th anniversary of XDU founding as a current XDU student. Moreover, I hope my alma mater has a better tomorrow and a broader picture, and hope all of us gain more abundant possibility and make the era more brilliant and splendid!

Zhang Li,a student of 2021, said: I have remembered each frame of the event and gotten a very beautiful feeling. I’m very honored to study and live in such a red and professional university with long history. On this special day, I’d like to express my most sincere blessing to my alma mater, and hope her to be young and vibrant.

Yu Qingping,chairwoman of SEM Student Union, signed with emotion: at the 90th anniversary of XDU founding, I feel greatly honored to hold and take part in such a meaningful activity and witness such a brilliant and great moment. I wish my alma mater eternal permanent youth and vitality.

Color paintings full of emotion and love, and rows of affectionate words demonstrate the strong feelings and love of SEM youths to SEM. It is believed that such love will become the driving force for SEM youths to inherit SEM spirit and work hard in succession. In this way, these youths enable their alma mater more glorious in the new journey!