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SEM Held the Event of the Fourth Undergraduate Education and Teaching Day Sub-forum on “Development and Application of 100 Excellent Teaching Cases”

Time:Nov 2, 2021  Views:

(Correspondents: Zhang Anran and Ma Luze) In the morning of November 2, SEM held the event of the Fourth Undergraduate Education and Teaching Day Sub-forum on “Development and Application of 100 Excellent Teaching Cases” offline at Lecture Hall 324, Xinyuan Building, and online on the “Tencent Conference”, for better response to the change in education trend, further drive the reform of interaction between teaching and learning, construct higher quality of classroom, and explore the classroom reform with the case teaching mode. This teaching salon was given by the Director Li Chunqing of Enterprise Development and Management Center of Northwest University, in which over 40 SEM teachers, online and offline, were attracted and participated in this salon.

In this event, Prof. Li Chunqing interpreted from the main composition of teaching cases, the development process of teaching cases, the review on 100 Excellent Cases, and the education concept and organization of case teaching. First of all, based on her explanation to the composition of text and instruction of teaching case, she shared her experience with the teachers present on the way to select topics around knowledge points and thinking questions, the difference between descriptive and decision-making cases, the way to composite the title for a good teaching case, the education concept of case teaching, and classroom organization. Li Chunqing enabled the teachers present to know the development and application of “100 Excellent Cases” at the same time of learning the theories, by virtue of the examples including over 10 years of follow-up on “Voglia d’Italia tour s.r.l” (a well-known tourism company registered in Italy, with its Chinese name “Huanyi”) and development of 12 series cases on “JD.COM”, etc.

At the end of event, the teachers present asked questions actively on the problems encountered in case teaching. Teacher Li Chunqing gave her answers in combination with her experiences, which also arose the active communication and discussion among them. In the activity part, associate professor Li Xiongjun of the Department of Public Management proposed that the case teaching is the process of knowledge induction and the learning of classical theories, while case study is to construct new theories. He hoped thatteachers can work hard to realize the “integration of case study, case development and case teaching”, as advocated by the lecture. All of the teachers present reaped no little benefit. Moreover, in addition to their understanding of relevant theoretical knowledge of case development and design, they learned the skills and experience to implement the case teaching in daily teaching.