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SEM Firefly Volunteer Group’s Clean Campus

Time:Nov 3, 2021  Views:

(Correspondents: Hu Jiawei, Ma Haoyu) As the 90th anniversary of XDU founding is approaching, on October 30, SEM Firefly Volunteer Group carried out the voluntary service activity “A Clean and Beautiful Campus to Celebrate the 90th Anniversary of XDU Founding” at the north side of etiquette square to enhance the students’ awareness to love and honor XDU, improve the students’ enthusiasm to participate in works and guide the students to greet the anniversary of XDU founding with practical actions.

This activity was responded actively by SEM students, in which over 40 persons joined in this voluntary labor. Through this activity, Firefly volunteers carried forward their spirit of labor to contribute to the celebration of anniversary with their practical actions and offered their sincere wishes for the 90th anniversary of founding of their alma mater.

At 15:00, Firefly Volunteer Group gathered at the north side of etiquette square. The Group Leader Ma Haoyu distributed their uniforms and cleaning tools including garbage bags and gloves. As organized in order, the volunteers made a clear division of labor, understood the task content in no time, and rapidly cleaned the roads from both sides.

There were relatively much more fallen leaves and garbage due to a great number of trees on both sides of the road and relatively large flows of both people and vehicles as this sanitary area is located at the main road of the campus. This made their cleaning be inconvenient to some degree. In the activity, the volunteers cleaned in an organized manner with the idea of safety first. The cleaning lasted for one and half hour, created a new lookfor both sides of the road in the north of etiquette square.

In the activity, without fear of heat, fatigue and dirt, the volunteers actively cooperated with each other and carefully cleaned their responsible area, which demonstrated their good mental outlook including their passion for labor and volunteering. Each of them was proud when seeing the clean and beautiful campus, and promised that they would participate in such activities in the future. Volunteer Wang Yang said: “Although cleaning appears to be a work full of dirt and fatigue, in fact, it is valuable and meaningful. My sense of achievement arises spontaneously when I make my campus be cleaner and more beautiful through my own labor. Besides, I feel very happy to make an insignificant contribution for the celebration of anniversary through my practical action.”