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First College Students Enrollment Publicity for China-U.S. Joint Education Program

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(Correspondent: Zhang Weili). On November 3, the Ministry of Education approved the Undergraduate Education Program of Big Data Management and Application jointly collaborated between Xidian University and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, the 3+1 Program has a special emphasis in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology. This China-U.S. joint education program is included in the normal higher universities’ enrollment plan. Upon a series of activities to support the approval of the Program, the China-U.S. Education Program has gained extensive attention from the beginning, and many candidates and their parents hope to know more about the Program.

China is still evolving from “Demographic Dividend” to “Talent Dividend”, the National College Entrance Examination, Gaokao in Chinese, is still a national attention-catcher. From 2019 to 2021, over 10 million applicants took the Gaokao each year. The Ministry of Education has arranged online registration for 2022 Gaokao from November 15 to 21, and the number of applicants is expected to exceed 10 million for the fourth consecutive years.. To continue XDU’s tradition of enrolling talented students and follow the consistent practice of high-quality enrollment of VT, China-U.S. Education Program, as XDU’s third China-foreign education program, is expected to usher in the first cohort of high-quality freshmen of the Program in the autumn of 2022.

On November 15, XDU’s two English-taught China-foreign education programs - China-U.S. Education Program and China-U.K. Education Program, were invited to Shaanxi Media Convergence (Shaanxi TV) · Shaanxi Metro Broadcast ·1018 Shaanxi News - Education 100% Column to receive an interview.

The column began broadcasting at 19:30. Yang Nan, a Deputy Director of XDU Enrollment Office, and responsible teachers for programs accepted interview successively in the live broadcasting room. Professor Chen Xi, Associate Dean for International Development and Postgraduate Program of the School of Economics and Management, introduced the School’s development history, status, education characteristics and future development planning. Associate Professor Zhang Weili, Director of International Programs in the School, introduced the China-U.S. Joint Education Program, such as foreign partner college, program characteristics, training direction and certificate. They also interacted with candidates of 2022 college entrance examination and their parents, and answered their questions. Two teachers introduced relevant school and specialty information concisely and clearly to help candidates preliminarily know the School and its specialties, especially the new Program.


Publicity Time of China-U. S Joint Education Program

Group Photo of Leaders for China-U.S. and China-U.K. Education Programs in the Live Broadcast Room

The interview was a success, it fully demonstrates XDU’s function in serving the society, as well as to expand its social influence and popularity. The enrollment publicity of big data management and application of China-U.S. Joint Education Program has begun at this moment. We will further organize various enrollment publicity activities to enroll the first cohort of freshmen with great ambitions to become future enterprise leaders with global competence as expected.