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Fight against COVID-19 with One Heart and Got Over the Hard Time SEM students Show Their Sense of Responsibility to Fight against COVID-19

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(Correspondents: Zhao Qimei and Niu Jinjing) When the mist of COVID-19 enveloped Xi’an, the SEM young students actively took the opportunity to fight this epidemic. From transporting materials to nucleic acid tests, from assisting in prevention and control to maintaining order, the volunteers were always busy behind the “battlefield”, silently building an indestructible wall for COVID-19 prevention work.

Red Party Flag in the Frontline of Fight Against COVID-19

As early as the early stage of the COVID-19 epidemic, when the COVID-19 prevention situation was still unclear and the number of infected people was rising rapidly, Li Mingqian, a senior student Party member, actively called on four other students, He Jintao, Shen Chenyang, Yang Yudong and Wang Zhizhong, from the student Party branch to participate in the volunteer service of nucleic acid tests in the School. They helped maintain the team order, guide students to open the passing code in advance, scan the code and report the nucleic acid sampling time.


“As student party members, when the School needs us, it is incumbent upon us to stand up. In this battlefield without smoke, the young SEM people are shining in their volunteer posts - wearing white protective clothing, and cooperating with the medical staff responsible for nucleic acid test to scan their certificates. I firmly believe that with everyone’s joint efforts, we will usher in the dawn of victory.” Li Mingqian said.

Like them who practice their initial intentions and responsibilities in the epidemic of COVID-19, there were also a large number of student activists, such as Niu Jinjing, Qin Ying, Dai Mengxin and Zhang Lili. It was also at the beginning of nucleic acid tests for all students that they fought continuously for many days in the sudden drop in temperature and blizzard, assisting medical staff to enter information and maintain queuing order.

“In the past, the epidemic situation for us was a constantly changing set of numbers in the news, a mask firmly hung under everyone’s eyes, and a distance of one meter everywhere. This time, we had the responsibility of activist of party application, and the mood of actively moving closer to the Party organization had prompted us to stand in the COVID-19 risk zone for the first time and replace the previous hesitation and uneasiness with voluntary services again and again.” Volunteers said.

They either incarnated as “big white”, or acted as canteen order maintainers, and helped to pack in fruit shops... “There was glory and caution at the moment of wearing protective clothing. Standing for five hours, cold and unconscious hands and feet, and goggles blurred by steam again and again... all these sufferings were warmed by a sentence of “thank you for your hard work”. There is no special, rhetoric just hope that the epidemic will end as soon as possible and everyone will be safe."



Sense of Responsibility in the Cold Winter Wind

The women are as good and strong as the men. The rain in winter is always accompanied by the cold wind, which is particularly biting. Even so, Meng Weiqian, a postgraduate of Grade 2020, and Zeng Jing, a postgraduate of Grade 2021, always stuck to their posts, guided their classmates to carry out nucleic acid test, actively maintained the team order, and made silent contributions to improving the test efficiency. After the nucleic acid test, Meng Weiqian did not rest for a moment, and immediately devoted herself to the team of carrying materials. The biting cold wind never blew her heart, and the heavy materials would not crush her shoulders. Even though the ice and rain burst, she warmed the hearts of her classmates with her love and dedication. Volunteers worked very hard, but Meng Weiqian didn’t care: “The epidemic is not only a test to the country, but also a test to each of us, so at this moment, we are not outsiders. Although the epidemic is awkward, people’s hearts are warm. As a student party member, I have to rush to the front line of every need.




In order to realize the efficient development of nucleic acid test of the whole students, more than 10 postgraduates actively responded to the call of volunteer service in the School, received relevant training seriously, and wore the protective clothing in cold winter to assist medical staff in nucleic acid test for students.

The cold wind is always biting, and the volunteers’ hands have already turned red and stiff after hundreds of disinfections, but none of them required resting, and none of them said a word of bitterness. Under the tent, they silently built a white city wall from COVID-19 and devoted themselves to it.

Student Zheng Ziwei, recalled every bit of volunteer service and was still deeply moved. “Volunteers and medical staff used to work in shifts, but when we applied for a shift change, the medical staff still stuck to their posts, saying only that they were not hungry, tired or thirsty. They give up eating and refusing to rest, just to complete more nucleic acid test in a limited time. Protective clothing didn’t keep warm, but standing with them, I feel the warmth I had never felt before.

Do Our Duties in Ordinary Life

At night, there was a chill in the Zhuyuan Hall. Zhang Tao and Yu Haoyu, undergraduates of Grade 2020 of the School, stood firmly at the building entrance to help students check their passes and reminded them to take preventive measures. In order to improve the efficiency of material transportation and information transmission during the epidemic of COVID-19, effectively cooperate with COVID-19 prevention and control work of the School, Huang Baoyao and Wang Xilan, undergraduates of Grade 2020, took the initiative to sign up as the Floor Leaders responsible for the docking of all dormitories in their floor areas. They conveyed information on time every day, collected and distributed materials for students, and answered students’ questions. With responsible actions, they set up a bridge between teachers and students, which won the recognition of teachers and students.



Zhang Tao expressed a lot of emotion in the volunteer service: “There is no small matter in front of the COVID-19 epidemic. Whether it is assisting teachers to check the pass or reminding students to take preventive measures, I will take a serious and responsible attitude to contribute and serve. At present, the epidemic situation is grim, and our volunteers should do our duty and strictly abide by the epidemic prevention order.

In addition to the severe epidemic prevention, many SEM students also give full play to their literary and artistic expertise to cheer for this difficult battle. Xie Xiangyuan and Li Lesha, undergraduates of Grade 2018, and Wu Can, a undergraduate of Grade 2019, brought enthusiasm and optimism to the anti-epidemic activities, integrated protection requirements into their dance actions, and led the students to stay at the student dormitories and not forget to strengthen exercise. Dilshat, Li Mingqian, Sun Tong, Irfan·Usman and other students showed their personal talents, which made the activity for fight against COVID-19 themed on “Breaking through the epidemic through the ‘SEM’ heart and making the ‘SEM’ music new” to be rich and interesting, and continuously injected positive energy into the frontline of COVID-19 prevention. Yang Haowen and other SEM students joined TON and campus singers to sing Hand in Hand, injecting bursts of warm currents to fight against COVID-19 with one heart and get over the hard time.


As the mist will dissipate and the winter will over, there must be a bright future in fight against COVID-19 together. There is no need to beg light from God, and every selfless volunteer is the creator of light. The courage of young student volunteers to take responsibilities witnessed the dawn of fighting against the epidemic of COVID-19. This selfless dedication and responsibility will always nourish the SEM youth, become the “persons” braving COVID-19 risk and bravely moving forward when they are needed by the motherland, and grow into pillars in the journey of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.