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“Make a Finger Heart to Study and Life “ - The First Literature Review Competition Held by the School of Economics & Management

Time:Jan 25, 2022  Views:

(Correspondents: Li Beining and Luo Ming) In December 2021, COVID-19 raided Xi’an, which pressed the pause button in this city, followed by the closed management of XDU campus. In order to enrich students’ academic life during the epidemic of COVID-19, SEM held the first literature review competition, which stimulated students’ enthusiasm for scientific research in a lively and open form of academic discussion. On the afternoon of January 22nd, the final of “Literature Review Competition” was held in the form of online defense, which was presided over by Associate Dean Chen Xi, and in which five SEM teachers were invited as judges.


Before the competition, Chen Xi expressed her gratitude and encouragement to the participating teachers and students. She said: The literature review competition was held during the school closure period, aiming at building an academic exchange platform for teachers and students in a special period, creating a strong academic atmosphere in the dormitories, guiding students to devote themselves to academic research, and laying a good foundation for future scientific research work.

In the defense session, the students showed their achievements with their PPTs made elaborately, while the judges and teachers guided the students one by one from the aspects of writing skills, layout planning and format details. The defense session lasted for more than three hours, in which the teachers and students studied and discussed many current hot issues such as financial risks, sharing economy, big data medical care, platform supply chain, etc. The online communication atmosphere was lively, and students made “finger hearts” to their study and life in the new year.

As a judge of this competition, Dr. Huang Lijuan was full of expectations for the participating students. She believed that literature summarization is an introductory skill in scientific research, which is necessary for students who have just entered the postgraduate career. She also suggested that in the review process, priority should be given to reading the classic literature, highly cited literature and the latest literature in the field in question, and it was best to read the latest review articles in the field again, so as to make an overall review on the field. This would not only be helpful to quickly understand the classic and hot topics in the research field, but also enlighten a researcher’s further research direction in the future. In this competition, the students had done a very solid reading work and made a lot of efforts. It was hoped that further revision and improvement could be made according to the opinions of the judges and teachers, and excellent academic achievements could be created!

Han Min, a student participating in the competition, was very grateful for the learning opportunities provided by the School. She thought that she had gained pertinent suggestions from the teachers through the competition, and had further studied and thought about her research direction and the paradigm of literature review. Bao Yining, a doctoral student, thought that the competition is an experience and the achievement is an affirmation. Through further revision and polishing, the entries would be clearer and more perfect.

In the face of COVID-19, the teachers and students in the SEM were full of academic enthusiasm and love for life, braving the wind and waves, overcoming difficulties and setting sail for the future scientific research career.