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Chinese and Foreign Students and Scholars Academic Forum – Special Session of the School of Economics and Management

Time:Feb 12, 2022  Views:

 (Correspondent: Yang Mengyao)To enrich the study and life of Chinese and foreign students during winter vacation, create an academic atmosphere and promote academic exchanges between Chinese and foreign students, the School of International Education, jointly with the School of Economics and Management, held an online academic forum for Chinese and foreign students and scholars themed on “New Economy, New Future” on February 12, 2022, focusing on the cutting-edge research and development in the field of economics and management, and giving inspiration to Chinese and foreign students. In the forum with brilliant content reported, the online interactive atmosphere was warm, and the participating students actively asked questions.



In the Forum, 4 Chinese and foreign master and doctoral students from the SEM to reported and displayed their research contents and achievements in their postgraduate stage from different professional fields and research perspectives. In the Forum, Professor Yin Haiyuan, Associate Dean of International Business School of Shaanxi Normal University, and Associate Professor Feng Jianguang of Northwestern Polytechnical University were invited to give keynote speeches in the field of economics and management, sharing a series of innovative achievements in their respective fields in recent years, and guiding Chinese and foreign students with their own personal insights.





In the Forum with lively interactive atmosphere, the students asked questions enthusiastically, while the reporters patiently answered questions. Everyone talked about cutting-edge ideas and pioneering and innovative thinking together. This academic forum broadened the students’ horizons and ideas, stimulated the students’ strong interest in scientific research, and enabled the students to have a deeper understanding and thinking about academic development prospects and research directions.