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International Recruitment Information Session of the SEM Held Successfully

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(Correspondent: Yang Mengyao) In order to recruit more qualified international students who are interested in studying in China, and provide them with guidance services for further studies, the School of Economics and Management participated in the online and offline recruitment lectures respectively in March, giving a comprehensive introduction to disciplines and specialties for international students who will graduate this year from Xidian University and overseas students who intend to come to China globally.

The offline recruitment lecture was held on the afternoon of March 11, sponsored by the School of International Education. At the meeting, Chen Huilin, the Dean of the School of International Education, made an opening speech, hoping that while graduating successfully, the international students can constantly enhance their lofty aspirations to build a community with shared future for mankind and built a bridge of friendship for friendly exchanges between Chinese and foreign youths. Li Xinyue, an officer in charge of Admission and Training Office, and Teacher Li Wenhui gave detailed introductions to the background, professional projects, application process and scholarship policies of the School. Teachers from the School of Electronic Engineering, School of Mechano-Electronic Engineering, School of Artificial Intelligence, School of Economics and Management and School of Foreign Languages explained the basic situation of each school, and vividly displayed the highlights of academic research in the schools and the experience of studying and living in and out of class in combination with personal experiences, enabling the overseas students to further understand the academic atmosphere and fun of studying in different schools. Associate Professor Dong Ming attended this offline lecture on behalf of the School of Economics and Management, and more than 40 overseas fresh graduates from the SEM attended this activity.


Introduction to the 2022 Offline Talk of International Students Admission


Associate Professor Dong Ming of SEM gave a lecture in English


The Special Online Talk for International Student Recruitment was held on the afternoon of March 24, Associate Professor Zhang Weili, the person in charge of internationalization affairs of the SEM, Associate Professor Sun Lei and Teacher Xu Yaqing, attended the lecture. Zhang Weili gave a comprehensive introduction to the information relating to the history, teaching staff, international background and international education of the SEM. Sun Lei and Xu Yaqing briefly shared their professional directions and their experiences in training international students. More than 70 students from various schools attended this online lecture.

2022 Online Talk of XDU International Student Recruitment - the SEM Special Session on


In both talks, the students’ questions about project selection, specialty selection, graduation conditions and other aspects were answered through free question and answer and communication. The overseas students attending the two talks said that the contents were comprehensive and focused with detailed answers, which provided great help for them to apply for studying in China and apply for the XDU-SEM.