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2022 "Zhixing China - Xidian University Chinese and Foreign Young Leaders Camp" successfully completed the field research activities of Qin Chuangyuan and alumni companies

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(Correspondents: IdrissDjiofackTeledjieu (Jie Fei),Chen Xiaoyue)On June 23rd, under the organization of Economics and Management School and the International Exchange and Cooperation Departmentof Xidian University, the campers of "Zhixing China-Xidian University Chinese and Foreign Youth Leaders Camp" went to Qin Chuangyuan New State City and the alumni enterprise of Xi 'an Bonray Electronic Technology Co., LTD for field research activities. The campers experienced and learned the development status of technological transformation and achievement transformation on Qin Chuangyuan Innovation-driven platform, the pilot frontier of the great strategy of Common Prosperity, and then went to the alumni enterprise to learn the great spirit from the alumni of Xidian University to apply what they have learned to serve the country.

In the Qin Chuangyuan state-owned enterprises innovation center, the campers visited the Shaanxi Coal Group Technology and Finance Dual Drive Innovation Center, Shaanxi Electronics Joint Innovation Center and Shaanxi Non-ferrous Metal Group Joint Innovation Center. At the same time, they listened to the staff and deepened the understanding of the practical application of high and new technology.They campers were deeply moved by the focus of ecological construction, traditional technical transformation, as well as research achievements transformation by Qin Chuangyuan.

In the research process, campers were very curious and asked a lot of questions from the general manager and other staff of Qin Chuangyuan Platform, and carried out heated discussions according to what they saw and heard on the way.

Then, the campers came to the comprehensive service center and exhibition hall of Qin Chuangyuanto appreciate the working progress of Qin Chuangyuan innovation platform. The campers realized the important meaning of the transformation of high technology achievements to the high-quality development in Shaanxi province. Theyare looking forward to the university-enterprise cooperation, which helpsthe scientific research be put into practice to really help the progress of social development.

In the afternoon, the campers came to Xi 'an Bonray Electronic Technology Co., LTD., an alumnus enterprise. As a leading provider of autonomous and controllable core chips and special communication equipment in China, Bonray showed the campers the basic information, development history and main scientific and technological equipment of the company. What is the most impressive is the introduction of how our Xidianalumnus Zhang Bo, founder of the company, had full enthusiasm for innovation and made breakthrough of the core technology.The campers were moved by his determination and responsibility to pursuehis dream and serve the country with scientific and technological strength.

Chen Xiaoyue, a graduate student from the Schoolof Artificial Intelligence, said that for a student who always stay in the laboratory to do scientific research, the most exciting part of this visit is to learn inthe real scenehow new and high technology achievements get the transformation in a practice way.This kind of industrialization process makes us understand how the science and technology can help achieve common prosperity strategy. At the same time, the alumni’sspirit of being fearless of difficulties and obstacles, adhering to the heart of the heat, andkeep going forward starting up business deeply inspired me.

CongMingchang, a graduate student from the School of Marxism, said thatas college students in the new era, we should be determined to firmly believe that science and technology can help rejuvenate the nation.All of us need to seize the moment, and strive for progress. At the same time, we should be down-to-earth and do hard work, determined to see national rejuvenation as a lifetime work to contribute to. Only in this way, can we contribute our own value in the practice of the great strategy of common prosperity without regretting.

IdrissDjiofackTeledjieu (Jie Fei), a Cameroonian camper from the School of Computer Science and Technology, has expressed how he admires the research and development projects that are being carried out by the Qin Chuang yuan platform. “I realized the importance of the Qin Chuang yuan platform to the high-quality development of Shaanxi province, and at the same time, I realized the importance of high-tech science and technology to the technological transformation of traditional enterprises and the construction of high-tech ecology”. After a visit of the Xidian University alumnus’ company (Xi 'an Bonray Electronic Technology Co., LTD), he acknowledged how impressed he was, and is looking forward to the implementation of such advanced company in his country.

2022 "Zhixing China -- Xidian University Chinese and Foreign Young Leaders Camp" is hosted by the Ministry of International Cooperation and Exchange and undertaken by the School of Economics and Management. It aims to promote learning and exchange ideas between Chinese and foreign youth, and help Chinese and foreign youth experience China's construction and development from various perspectives and in an all-round way. The leadership Camp will go to Hangzhou in early July to carry out the activity of "Technology empowerment·Smart Hangzhou".