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​Xidian Economic Management Institute Carried Out a Giving Activity for Spring Festival Couplets

Time:Sep 19, 2023  Views:

       (Correspondent: Ma Yuankai, Liu Jing, Xu Cunzhen) On January 9, the annual "Welcoming the Spring Festival and Sending Spring Festival Couplets" event was held in MBA Center of Xidian University. Shi Xinghai, a member of Shaanxi Calligrapher’s Association, Executive Director of Xi’an Calligraphers Association, Director of Xi’an Baqiao District Cultural Center, and SEM visiting professor, Dou Youhe and Du Junfeng, vice chairmen of Baqiao Calligrapher Association, were invited to write Spring Festival couplets for teachers and students. Li Yaoping, Secretary of the SEM Party Committee, also wrote Spring Festival couplets as blessings to the teachers and students.

The atmosphere at the event was lively, harmonious and festive. The Spring Festival couplets with elegant calligraphy and blessings not only conveyed a good vision of ringing out the old year and ringing in the new year, but also an inspiration of a promising prospect. The festive couplets, red "fu" characters, joyful and auspicious vibes, smiling faces of SEM staff, praying and blessings. All of it was a wish for a better year.

As Spring Festival is a traditional festival for Chinese people to pray for blessings and welcome good fortune, and as pasting Spring Festival couplets on doors is one of the Chinese cultural traditions when celebrating Chinese New Year, writing it to give blessings is a good way of carrying forward excellent Chinese traditional culture. Annually, the SEM holds "Welcoming the Spring Festival and Sending Spring Festival Couplets" event as an activity of enhancing traditional culture to wish all the teachers and students a happy, charming and auspicious new year.