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​Broaden Horizons and Integrate Disciplines for Cutting-edge Development -- the SEM Invited AIExperts to Conduct Scholarly Communication

Time:Sep 21, 2023  Views:

        (Correspondent: Wu Aiping, Liu Yating) On the morning of February 21, the SEM invited Wu Fei, Deputy Dean of Shanghai Institute for Advanced Study of Zhejiang University (SIAS), the Director of Institute of Artificial Intelligence of Zhejiang University, the Award winner of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars of China (2016), to anscholarly communication.Sun Bingzhen, Vice Dean of the SEM, presided over the event.
        To promote the interdisciplinary integration and development and to establish an open platform for exchanges and cooperation, the SEM invited Wu Fei as an adjunct professor. The appointment ceremony was held in the Lecture Hall 324, Xinyuan Building II. Li Yaoping, Secretary of the SEM Party Committee, presented Wu Fei with the appointment letter and the school badge.

Wu Fei delivered an academic report entitled "Enabling Multidisciplinary Integration of the New Generation of Artificial Intelligence". He spoke of the history of artificial intelligence from its origin and its three ups and two downs, expatiated why artificial intelligence can empower disciplinary integration through the connotation of general enabling technology and four means of scientific research paradigm, and explained how artificial intelligence can empower different fields through application examples such as "new poems of Shakespeare" and "the tale of two tanks". He also introduces the AI talent cultivation system of Zhejiang University including teaching materials, courses, and practice platform, and analyzed the development trend and challenges of the field in the end.

Li Yaofei expressed his sincere gratitude to Wu Fei for his inspiring report and shared his insights from philosophical ideology, disciplinary integration, and teaching practice. He said that the extensive and profound report made by Professor Wu helped the teachers and students to deepen their cognition of the new generation of artificial intelligence and understand the scientific connotation and application of artificial intelligence in an easy-to-understand way, which would lay a solid foundation for the in-depth integration of artificial intelligence and management science.

        After the event, professor Wu Fei, secretary Li Yaoping, professor Sun Bingzhen, professor Du Rong, professor Qin Chunxiu and other more than 10 professors,held a symposium on the construction of AI enabling management science and engineering. At the symposium, Wu Fei shared his experience in teaching, scientific research, and integrity, and had a heated discussion with the teachers from the SEM on topics including talent acquisition, team building, interdisciplinary research on AI+ economics, finance, production and information science, etc., discipline construction and textbook writing.