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Business Administration


Lang Chungang


Highest degree: PhD

College with the highest degree:Xian Jiaotong University;

The first-level disciplines:Management Science and Engineering

Title:Associate Professor

Position:Master Mentor

Office phone:


Main research directions

Organizational Behavior


Organizational Behavior, for undergraduate and master students (in English and Chinese)

Management Research Methodology, for international students (in English)

Business Negotiation, for undergraduate students (in English and Chinese)

Strategic Management, for undergraduate level and MBA

Leadership Theory and Practice, for MBA


Ph.D. in Business Administration (Nov, 2007), Xian Jiao Tong University (XJTU)

Dissertation Title: Research on Leadership Behavior and Intra-team Conflict in Process of Team Decision-Making

Dissertation Advisor: Professor Youmin Xi

M. A. in Technological Economy and Management (2002), Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT)

B. E. in International Trade (1997), Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU)

Work Experience

Visiting Researcher, November 2011-October 2012, Leiden University, Netherlands

Associate Professor of Management, July 2010 – Present, Xidian University

Assistant Professor of Management, March 2008 – June 2010, Xidian University

Investment Officer, 1997 – 2000, Investment Promotion Bureau of Ningbo Free Trade Zone

Paper Publishing

Jing Zhao, Chungang Lang. How Does Transformational Leadership Effect on Team Performance: Team Atmosphere as Mediation. International Journal of Science (IJS), March 2018.

Xuedong Zhao, LangChungang. Literature Review of Emotional Intelligence Structure Model,International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR),Volume 6 Issue 4, April 2017

Lang, Chungang. “The impact of conflict on virtual teams’ decision-making process: An experimental study.” accepted by the International Conference on E-Business and E-Government (ICEE2010), Guangzhou, June 2010

Lang, Chungang and Youmin Xi. “Impact of Team Conflict on Team Decision Making Performance: Empirical Research in China.” Frontiers of Business Research in China. 2008, 2(1): 1-14.

Lang, Chungang and Youmin Xi. “Empirical Research on Impact of Trust on the Process and Outcome of Team Decision Making.” Science of Science and Management of S.&.T. , 2007, 28(8): 170-174.  (in Chinese)

Lang, Chungang and Xuanwei Cao. “Research on the Impact of Team Reflexivity on Innovative Project Team Performance in China.” Science of Science and Management of S.&.T. ,2007, 28(9) 145-148. (in Chinese)

Lang, Chungang and Youmin Xi. “Study on Conflict in Group Decision Making Process.” Forecasting, 2005, 24(5): 1-8.  (in Chinese)


Research Project Leadership Behaviors and Conflict Management In Process of Team Decision Making (2009-2011) granted by National Natural Science Foundation of China

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