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Deng Junrong


Highest degree: PhD

College with the highest degree:Xi’an Jiaotong University

The first-level disciplines:Applied Economics

Title:Associate Professor

Position:Master Mentor

Office phone:029-


Main research directions

technical innovation and industry development, government’s economic management


1999-2020, Microeconomics, Chinese Course for Undergraduates [in Chinese]

1999-2020, Macroeconomics, Chinese Course for Undergraduates [in Chinese]

1999-2020, Industrial Economics, Chinese Course for Undergraduates [in Chinese]

2016-2019, Macroeconomics, Chinese Course for Professional Master's MBA Program

2019-2020, Government's Economic Management, Chinese Course for Professional Master's MBA Program


1992.9-1996.7, Xidian University, Department of Social Sciences, Business Administration, Bachelor of Economics.

1996.9-1999.7, Shaanxi Institute of Finance and Economics, Department of Industrial Economics, Industrial Economics, Master of Economics

2004.3-2008.12, Xi'an Jiaotong University, School of Economics and Finance, Applied Economics, Ph.D. in Economics

Work Experience

1999.7-, Xidian University, teacher


Second prize in lecture competition of Xidian University in 2005

Excellent teacher of Xidian University in 2013


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Junrong Deng, Yan Zhang. Empirical Research on the Construction of Financial Center in Western Region of Silk Road Economic Belt [J]. Economic Research Guide, 2016 (16): 71-72.

Junrong Deng. Research on the Upgrade of Industrial Cluster from Knowledge Hierarchy to Knowledge Community [J]. Reformation & Strategy, 2012 (6): 124-126

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Junrong Deng. Research on Trust Transformation and Industrial Cluster Upgrade Mechanism [J]. Reform of the Economic System, 2014 (3): 46-52

Junrong Deng. Efficiency Analysis of Oligopoly from the Perspective of Network Economy [J]. Journal of Hebei University of Economics and Business, 2005 (5): 9-12

Junrong Deng. Theoretical Analysis of Industrial Organization Based on "Network Paradigm" and Its Practical Significance, 2018 (3): 87-90

Junrong Deng. Network Paradigm of Industrial Organization and Construction of China's Industrial Organization Target Model [J]. Journal of Xidian University, 2005 (4): 50-53

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Junrong Deng, Xuefeng Ma. Research on the Development of Inclusive Finance in Rural Areas of Shaanxi Province and Its Poverty Reduction Effect[J]International Journal of Science and Research,2019(1):510-516


Junrong Deng. Business Organization Design and Entrepreneurial Team Construction (ISBN No.: 978-7-5606-4729-6), Xidian University Press, November 2017.

Junrong Deng, Yuan Zhou. Western Economics (ISBN No.: 978-7-5606-2589-8), Xidian University Press, August 2011. (Teaching materials for Twelfth Five-Year Plan of Colleges and Universities)


Research on Shaanxi’s Industrial Upgrading from the Perspective of Integration of Scientific and Technological Innovation and Cultural Creativity (2016KRM122), Shaanxi Soft Science, 2016.5-2017.4, host.

Research on Open Innovation Mode and Path from the Perspective of Capability Element Synergy (2014KRM41), Shaanxi Soft Science, 2014.5-2015.5, host.

Research on the Sustainable Competitiveness of Xi'an Cultural Creative Industry from the Perspective of Agglomeration (SF1227-41), Xi 'an Soft Science, 2012.1-2014.12, host.

Research on Social Capital and Enterprise Growth of Private Entrepreneurs in Shaanxi (10D0260), Shaanxi Provincial Social Science Fund, 2010.10-2011.10, host.

Investigation on Social Integration of Floating Population in Xi’an City (201406), Xi'An Association for Science and Technology, 2014.6-2014.12, host.

Research on the Construction of Social Responsibility Evaluation System and Long-term Mechanism in Tobacco Industry (municipal bureau level) (201406), Crossing Research Project, 2014.10-2016.12, participated in (2/5)

Research on the Uncertainty of Inflation in China (12XJL005), National Social Science Fund, 2012.5-2015.6, participated in (3/5)

Effective RMB Exchange Rate Fluctuation: Measurement, Effect and Correction Mechanism (11YJC790179), Ministry of Education Project, 2011.9-2014.6, participated in (3/5)

Research on Scale Management of China’s Foreign Exchange Reserves (12YJC790149), Ministry of Education Project, 2012.9-2014.12, participated in (3/5)_

Research on Targeted Poverty Alleviation of Industries in Deeply Impoverished Counties of Shaanxi Province (2018D21), Shaanxi Provincial Social Science Fund, 2018.10-2020.10, participated in (2/5)

Research on the Innovation Development Path and Countermeasures of the New Generation Information Technology Industry in Shaanxi Province (2018KRM158), Shaanxi Soft Science

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