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Economics and Finance


Shang Juan


Highest degree: PhD

College with the highest degree: Northwest A&F University

The first-level disciplines:Applied Economics


Position:Doctor Mentor

Office phone:029-81891360


Main research directions

Digital Economy and Regional Development

Corporate finance and corporate governance


2017-2020,Operate and Management of Commercial Bank, Undergraduate

2018-2020,Finance, Undergraduate

2014-2020, International Financial Market, Professional education,Undergraduate

2019-2020,Academic guides, Science and technology making, Introduction to economics and Management, Undergraduate

2014-2016,Accounting, Undergraduate

2017-2020,Financial Frontier Issues,Postgraduate course,Research on Advanced Auditing,Postgraduate course

2014-2019,Financial theory and policy,Postgraduate course


2001.9-2004.7, Northwest A&F University,Doctor's degree in Agriculture Economics and Management

1998.9-2001.7, Northwest A&F University,Master's degree in Agriculture Economics and Management

1988.9-1992.7,Xi'an Jiaotong University, Bachelor's degree in Auditing.

Work Experience

2004-present , Teacher,School of Economics and Management, Xidian University

2009-2010, Peking University,Visiting scholar

2013-2014, Nottingham University, Visiting scholar


Third prize of Shaanxi science and technology award, Research on urbanization road with Chinese characteristics based on urban-rural economic integration, 2017.

The second prize of excellent achievements in Humanities and Social Sciences Research of Shaanxi institutions of  higher learning (JJ2-43), Urbanization road with Chinese characteristics (independent completer), 2015.

The second prize of science and technology award of Shaanxi institutions of higher learning (06l22), Research on the growth mode and supervision of Chinese government financial investment in agriculture, 2006.

The third prize of excellent achievements in Humanities and social sciences research in Shaanxi University, A study on the correlation between technology innovation and the new-type urbanization in Shaanxi province(Research on the correlation between scientific and technological innovation and new urbanization in Shaanxi Province), 2019.

The first prize of research results of 2018 academic annual meeting of Shaanxi Reform and Development Research Institute, Research on financial innovation in Shaanxi in the context of new urbanization, 2018.

The first prize of excellent achievements of Xidian University, countermeasure research on accelerating industrialization and urbanization in Shaanxi Province (06D006Z), 2009.

The second prize of excellent achievements of Xidian University, international experience of commercial bank supervision and its reference and Enlightenment for China's banking supervision, 2009.

The first prize of the 13th excellent textbook of Xi'an University of Electronic Science and technology, Introduction to human resource management (Second Edition), 2013.

The Excellent Teacher of Xi'an University in the academic year 2012 to 2013, 2013.

Notes:All of the above awards ranked first.

Instruct students to win awards:

Tan Weisheng, the undergraduate under my guidance, won the honorary title of "Star of Graduates" of XiDIAN University in 2020.There are only 10 students in the school.

Two thesis guided are rated as excellent papers at the university level while both were rated as excellent graduates in 2012.

Guide two postgraduates to obtain "2018 excellent graduates", 2018.

Guide the college students' entrepreneurship plan competition《Xi'an die cleaning ball Co., Ltd》, won the bronze medal of Shaanxi university student entrepreneurship plan competition, 2012.

Paper Publishing

Juan Shang. Road to urbanization with Chinese characteristics [M]. Beijing: Science Press, March 2013.
Notes:Ithas been included in the "11th Five Year Plan" national key book publishing program and funded by theScience and Technology Department of Shaanxi Province. The data, adopted and applied by the relevant functional departments of Development and Reform Commission, Department of Environmental Protection and Department of  Housing andConstructionin Shaanxi Province, have been widely recognized in practice.

Juan Shang, Liyuan Dong, Huangrui Du, Jiang Li. Research on Xi'an science and technology exchange and  cooperation innovation mode in the context of the new Silk Road Economic Belt, Silk Road Economic Belt development report (2018) [M]. Xi'an: Xidian University Press,2018:213-233.(ISBN: 978-7-5606-5149-1)

Juan Shang, Jie Ding, Sixin Zeng. Study on the road of urbanization with Western characteristics and the path of  realization under the background of the Silk Road, report on the development of the Silk Road Economic Belt (2016) [M]. Xi'an:Xidian University Press, 2016:261-278. (ISBN: 978-7-5606-4325-0)

Juan Shang, Guping Kong. Study on the industrial development of the Silk Road Economic Belt in the context of Urbanization: a case study of five provinces in the northwest, Silk Road Economic Belt development report (2014) [M]. Xi'an:Xidian University Press , 2014:196-203

China agricultural land financial system research [M]. China Agricultural Press, September 2005. (third editor)

Reform and development: promoting rural finance in China[M]. Economic Science Press,January 2005.   (participation in compilation)

Money and Banking. Beijing: Tsinghua University Press, 2007. (deputy editor)

Management. Xi’an: Xidian University Press, 2007. (third editor)

Introduction to human resource management. Xi’an: Xi 'an Jiaotong University Press, 2006. (fourth editor)

Public Economics.Beijing: China Agriculture Press, 2009. Notes: It is the textbook of "11th Five Year Plan" in national institutions of higher learning in agriculture and forestry.

Juan Shang, Pengfei Li, Ling Li, Yong Chen. The relationship between population growth and capital allocation in urbanization[J], Technological Forecasting & Social Change, 2018, 10(135): 249-256.(SSCIcode:000446283500027)

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Juan Shang, Zhenzhen Liao, Liyuan Dong. A study on the relationship among new urbanization, industrialization  and ecological environment in China. The International Forum “Ecological Economics and Ecological  Civilization”[C].2019.11.15-16,School of Economics,Peking University. Conference Report Paper.

Juan Shang, Zhenzhen Liao, Liyuan Dong, Caifen Yang, Xiao Shen. How does new urbanization affect green TFP?--GMM Estimation and intermediary effect test based on Provincial Dynamic Panel. The Third Symposium on environmental technology and economy [C]. Hefei University of Technology, November, 2019.

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Juan Shang, Ding Jie, Kongga Ping. An Analysis of the Relationship between Financial Development and Economic Growth in the Western China on the Silk Road Economic Belt [J]. International Journal of Science and Research, 2016, 4(4):1-9.

Juan Shang, Shan Du. Income Mobility and Income Inequality of Urban and Rural Residents:Empirical Research Based on CHNS Data. The first China UK International Symposium on micro finance and rural finance [C].
2015.3.28-29, Southwestern University of Finance and economics. Conference Report Paper.

Juan Shang. The Main Experience of British Banking Supervision and Its Enlightenment to China [J]. Economic Forum, 2006 (1): 120-122.


Project leader in Research on urbanization road with Chinese haracteristics and realization mechanism (Project No: 09XJL009), sponsored by western project of National Social Science Foundation, from March 2009 to November 2012. Its appraisal grade is good.

Project leader in Guanzhong Urban Agglomeration atmospheric environment control project preliminary work project (Project No: 91602160001), as the key project of Western Development, from July 2015 to July 2017.

Project leader in "Internet +" background of China's intelligent logistics development framework and path research, sponsored byNational Development and Reform Commission, from August 2019 to December 2019.

Project leader inResearch on the role and implementation path of national audit in preventing regional financial risks, as the key audit scientific research in Shaanxi province, from April 2019 to December 2019.

Project leader inResearch on coordinated development of Xi'an regional cooperation and Guanzhong Plain Urban  Agglomerations during the 14th Five Year Plan period, as a research on major projects in the early stage of the 14th  five year plan of Xi'an development and Reform Commission, from October 2019 to December 2019.

Project leader inResearch on the influencing factors and feasibility evaluation methods for the construction of  Characteristic Towns in Shaanxi Province (Project No: 2018KRM032), Shaanxi soft science innovation capability support plan project, from June 2018 to June 2019.

Project leader in Research on the new urbanization supported by science and technology innovation in Shaanxi under the background of New Silk Road, sponsored by Shaanxi Soft Science Fund (Project No:2016KRM012),from  January 2016 to July 2017.

Project leader inResearch on the process, constraints and Realization Mechanism of economic and social integration of urban and rural areas in Shaanxi Province (Project No: 2009KRM077), sponsored by Shaanxi Soft Science  Foundation, from September 2009 to March 2012.

Project leader inUnder the background of new urbanization, Shaanxi Financial Innovation Research (Project No: 2015D008), sponsored by Shaanxi Social Science Foundation, from September 2015 to April 2018.

Project leader inResearch on new characteristic urbanization development path and Countermeasures to improve the quality of Xi'an (Project No: 2017108SF/RK002-(4)), sponsored by Xi'an Soft Science Foundation, from January 2017 to December 2018.

Project leader inResearch on Xi'an International Science and technology cooperation and exchange mode, path and policy innovation from the perspective of urban construction at the new starting point of "Silk Road" economic belt (Project No: SF1503(02)), sponsored by Xi'an Soft cience Foundation,from October 2015 to January 2017.

Project leader in Research on the feasibility and long-term mechanism of Xi'an City promoting agriculture by industry and taking the town as the belt (Project No: HJ06004-06), sponsored by Xi'an Soft Science Foundation, from  May 2006 to December 2007.

Project leader in Xi'an Urban Rural Integration Research (Project No: 13J132), sponsored by Xi'an Social Science Foundation, from January 2013 to December 2013.

Project leader in Research on interactive development mechanism and operation management mode of industrial cluster and urbanization in Northwest China (Project No: K50510060002), sponsored by the special fund for basic scientific research of Central Universities, from September 2010 to September 2012.

Project leader in Staff performance management consultation of Xi'an Datang Boxiangfu Hotel, entrusted by Xi'an  Datang Boxiangfu Hotel Management Co., Ltd., from August 2013 to December 2014.

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