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Award Ceremony for Qian Yonggui Alumnus Scholarship & “Believe in the CPC and Build a New Era” Themed Party Lecture by the School of Economics and Management

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In the afternoon of June 18, 2018-2019 Award Ceremony for Qian Yonggui Alumnus Scholarship & “Believe in the CPC and Build a New Era” Themed Party Lecture were successfully held and given in the Conference Hall 210, Administrative Building, South Campus, the School of Economics and Management. Qian Yonggui, alumnus of class 1983, the School of Economics and Management and founder of Nanjing Aotecar New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Liu Fenglei, Head of the Department of Student Affairs, the School Party Committee, Li Yaoping, Secretary of the Party Committee, the School of Economics and Management, Zhang Weidong, Deputy Director of Alumni Affairs and Liaison Development Office, Chai Jian, Deputy Dean of the School of Economics and Management and Fan Wen, Deputy Secretary of the School Party Committee attended the event. Moreover, more than 150 people, including Wang Shuang, Chief of Student Party Construction Section, Undergraduate School, Ma Yuankai, School Office Director, all instructors, student party members and excellent students of some advanced classes in a party school for undergraduates in the school, watched the award ceremony and listened to the party lecture delivered by Qian Yonggui.

Li Yaoping, Secretary of the School Party Committee firstly addressed a speech and expressed gratitude for Qian Yonggui on behalf of the School, and congratulated prize-winning students. He mentioned that Qian Yonggui Alumnus Scholarship was sponsored by the outstanding alumnus Qian Yonggui of the School of Economics and Management, aiming at supporting for and developing education, feeding back his alma mater, encouraging more excellent students to stand out, setting an example for students, and leading them to working hard and meeting with success. Moreover, he said that the School would continue to properly manage and use “Qian Yonggui Alumnus Scholarship” set through donation, not forget the original intention, and encourage prize-winning students to take the chance to study hard, enhance their abilities, and serve the society so as to live up to expectations of Qian Yonggui.

Fan Wen, Deputy Secretary of the School Party Committee, introduced selection of Qian Yonggui Alumnus Scholarship this Year and announced commendations. He said that 2018-2019 Qian Yonggui Alumnus Scholarship Selection was successfully held in a sound atmosphere of fairness, justice and openness. Integrity education, responsibility education and gratitude education of students were integrated into the selection from event organization to result reveal so as to enable students to make improvements mentally, be mature psychologically, and make progresses spiritually while feeling the power of model. Therefore, scholarship selection has been a vivid ideological and political course.

Then, prize-winning students went up on the stage, accepted prizes, and were warmly applauded by audiences. After prize presentation, Lu Xin, prize-winner of “the Star of the School of Economics and Management” and student representative, gave a speech and said that “I deeply admire Qian Yonggui for his affection to the School and can feel his profound feeling and return to the School in the School of Economics and Management and on the Wall of Outstanding Alumni, the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.”

After the award ceremony, Qian Yonggui delivered a vivid party lecture for present faculties and students on the theme of “Believing in the CPC and Building a New Era”. He related his story about how to join in the CPC, work in an unknown radar factory from a village, study and establish a learning team with high senior intellectuals, and make unremitting efforts to be admitted to Xidian University and be an honorable member of the CPC. Then, he described two things that left the deepest impression on him: Firstly, in order to break overseas technical monopoly at that time, he tried every means to investigate and survey several countries, introduce new technologies and equipment, and build modern factories so as to make a final breakthrough. Secondly, in order to be better connected with the world in technology, he signed contracts with famous foreign professors so as to cultivate some talents in researching, developing and manufacturing new-energy auto air-condition compressors. All of them inspired present students to stand on the shoulders of giants and look forward. Finally, he said that “Life should be positive and full of hope. You need to discover your strengths based on your practical conditions and make a contribution to national development and rejuvenation so as to live up to the title of the member of the CPC. ” After interaction and communication with present students, the party lecture was successfully completed in a wild applause.

After the Award Ceremony for Qian Yonggui Alumni Scholarship and party lecture learning, students gained a lot and determined to constantly improve their moral cultivation, learn professional knowledge, and be strict with themselves based on the standard of an excellent member of the CPC so as to contribute to national and social development in the future.