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On the evening of March 20th, an international French Concert, March of Marchings, was staged in the small theater of the University Student Activity Center of the South Campus of Xidian, which marks the opening of the Xidian 2018 French Culture Education Week. The invited guests include Vice President Gao Xinbo, Heads of schools responsible for International Exchanges, Wal-Brussels, the Embassy of Belgium in China, Martin Laflamme, Director of Public Diplomacy of the Canadian Embassy in China, Nicolas, President of the Francophone Alliance in France, and representatives of six French cooperative universities.




Gao Xinbo delivered a speech in which he briefly reviewed the cooperation history and development of Xidian and French friendly universities. He pointed out that China attaches great importance to the training of international talents and puts forward a policy of supporting to study abroad, encouraging to return to the country, moving freely, and playing a role. The organization of the French Culture and Education Week is to hope that more students will understand the French education system, learn about the program of studying in France, experience the French culture, and broaden the international horizon. He said that the concert, an international music experience organized by Xidian, is to hope that teachers and students can enjoy an international atmosphere on campus.

The invited bands at the concert include the French Fergies, the Belgian RIVE and the Canadian D-TRACK. The three bands represent the pop rock, retro pop, and hip-hop music combinations respectively, bringing an exotic audio-visual feast to everyone.

It is reported that the French Culture and Education Week is organized by the International Cooperation and Exchange Department and undertaken by the Youth League Committee, the School of Electronic Engineering, the Xi'an French Alliance and the French Higher Education Department. In the next few days, a series of activities will be held, including the French Experience Class and French Wine Tasting, the face-to-face exchanges with professors from French university , the French Cooperative Education Exhibition, the French Film Festival, the Voice of France Radio, and the interactive experience of French cuisine. The propaganda and enrollment of the preparatory class of The 17th 3+3 Program for Studying in France has been started. Look forward to the attention and participation of teachers and students.

As an international students exchange project at Xidian University, the program has a cooperation history of 16 years.Beginning in 2002, the program first had cooperation with France Telecom Group. As of now, the number of cooperative universities in France has increased to 17. The 16th batch of students will soon be going to France. The cooperative education projects jointly conducted by Xidian and the Comprehensive Science and Engineering Group has achieved remarkable results. The first batch of students had already gone to study in France. At present, 156 students from Xidian are studying in France.