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Application Procedures

1. Online Application

1) Register and Sign in.

Visit Online Application for International Students users please click "register", fill in the relevant information according to the instructions and complete the registration. Registered users please login with the registered username and password.

2) Choose Online Application.

3) Choose your program that applying for.Applicants should choose the program among Chinese government scholarship, Inter-school exchange student, self-sponsored and Enterprise scholarship.

4) Choose your learning type. Applicants should choose learning type among Doctoral Student, Master Student, Undergraduate Student, Senior Visiting Student, General Visiting Student, Chinese Language Student and Foundational Program Student.

5) Choose the department, major, teaching language, and research direction (if any). Applicants are required to specify their chosen major andteachinglanguage, which will not be changed upon arrival.

6) Click "Apply" and start filling in the online application form.

7) Applicants should fill out the required information including Basic Information, Study Plan, Education and Employment Experience, Additional Information, Contact Information. The following should be noted when filling in the information:

a. Applicants must ensure that the application content and attachments uploaded are true and valid. Any dishonesty will permanently disqualify from applying for the university.

b. Applicants must fill in the personal information exactly according to the passport information and check it correctly. If the information on the admission materials is incorrect due to personal reasons, the consequences are at your own risk.

c. Information such as home address, email address, and phone number provided in the system by applicants, which must be valid for 6 months, in case of failure to receive the admission letter and visa application form on time (JW202 / 201 form).

d. The address provided by the applicant in the system must be a detailed mailing address, including room number, street number, area name, province and city name, postal code, and recipient's mobile phone number. If admitted, the offer and related materials would be sent according to the address provided in the system without double check. If applicants are unable to receive the offer because of inaccurate information, the consequences are at your own risk.

8) Applicants are required to upload relevant electronic materials in accordance with the system requirements. The following should be noted when providing electronic materials:

a. Applicants are required to provide detailededucationbackground information from high school and above.

b. Applicants must provide non-criminal certificate with the original copy and the Chinese translation copy stamped by the official certification institute or translation agency.

c. If applicants enter China for multiple times, please provide the visa or scanned copy of previous residence permit in the application materials.

d. If applicant is a transfer student, the original student performance certificate must be scanned and provided.

e. All applicants must pay the application fee (RMB 600) before application finished. Note the purpose of payment (registration fee), student name, passport number and nationality on the remittance slip. The remittance voucher or bank receipt will be uploaded as an attachment when applying online, otherwise the applicant's information will not be accepted. The application fee is non-refundable no matter the applicant is ultimately accepted or not. Please refer to the remittance information

f. If school scholarship is applied by applicants, please download the attachedHuashan Scholarship Application Form, fill it out and upload to the system. Please note that the Huashan Scholarship Application is only available for degree program candidates.

2. Evaluation and Admission

After the application deadline, the School of International Education will collaborate with relevant academic schools or departments to review and evaluate all documents. The admission decision is made based on the applicant’s academic achievement and background. There are three types ofassessment:

1) Admission without any assessment.

2) Interview.

3) Paper test and interview.

Applicants will be notified by phone or email of theassessment typeand the specific time and location.

3. Notification of Admission Result

The admission result will be announced on the notice board of the School of International Education website. The admission letter and visa application form for study in China (JW202 form) will be sent to the applicants by mail.