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The Welcome Party for the Freshmen themed by “Dream big dreams at life’s full flowering” of the School of Economics and Management came to a successful conclusion

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(Correspondents: Lv Yeqing, Ren Xuguang and Zhang Xingyu) On the evening of November 2, the School of Economics and Management successfully held the 2019 Welcome Party for the Freshmen themed by “Dream big dreams at life’s full flowering” in the small theater of the University Student Activity Center on the South Campus. Teacher Tian Jingquan from the Propaganda Department of the XDU Party Committee, Teacher An Xiang, Secretary of the Youth League Committee of the XDU and 2019 undergraduate counselor, counselors of other grade of the School and 2019 undergraduates and postgraduates attended the party (totaling more than 400 participants). This party was jointly undertaken by the Student Union and the Postgraduate Union of the School.

Opening dance Make Progress Every Day with Smile by the Student Union

At seven o’clock in the evening, the party officially kicked off. First, the Student Union of the School performed the opening dance. Then, four dressed-up hosts stepped onto the stage and announced the party officially started amid the bursts of applause of the audience.

Teacher An Xiang sings the song A stranger

Creative show Your Cup & Pen

Combination of songs

Magic Disappearing Water

Combination of songs Stomach & Life Landscape with You

Dance Youth

Song Rose in the Palm

Dance Grain in Ear

Sketch Racing for A Groom among Four Gifted Scholars

Dubbing show The Sound

Rap by a foreign student from Uzbekistan

A series of brilliant shows were staged one by one. Amid the enthusiastic cheers of everyone, the 2019 freshman counselor teacher An Xiang sang a song of Li Jian -A stranger. 2019 undergraduate class committees performed Your Cup and Pen by perfectly combining the penbeat and cup dance, which touched the audience; the show Combination of Songs aimed to inspire everyone to keep struggling for their initial dreams and a wonderful future; the magic Disappearing Water was fabulous and amazing by virtue of its complex techniques and humorous discourse; the show guitar playing and singing of Stomach & Life Landscape with You told the audience about the worries of the youth in a calm way; 9 postgraduates recited the poem Dream as a Horse to express their persistent pursuit of dreams and strong determination; the dance Youthand Korean-style dance Grain in Ear showed the youth and vitality; the song Rose in the Palm made the audience feel like they were in a fairy tale world due to the singer’s superb singing skills; the sketch Racing for A Groom among Four Gifted Scholar samused the audience with the actors’ amazing dressing, wonderful lines and vivid performance; the dubbing show The Sound demonstrated how to interpret emotions with the sound and by dubbing the game King of Glory and the TV play Drawing Sword.

Combination of songs by Ton Band

At nine o’clock in the evening, the party ended with a combination of songs by the Ton Band. Afterwards, the teachers and all the cast took a group photo to capture this beautiful moment.

The careful preparation for welcome party lasted for nearly two months. After three program reviews, a high-quality party was finally presented to everyone. In the process, this event received strong support from leaders and teachers of the School and extensive participation of all students. The successful holding of the party enhanced the cohesion and sense of belonging of the 2019 freshmen, mobilized the enthusiasm of the teachers and students of the School, and meanwhile encouraged the students of the School to strive for their youth in the future life and make unremitting efforts to live a meaningful university life.