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SEM Officially Ends Its International Teacher Training Program on Big Data Management and Application

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(Correspondents:Zhang Weili, Ma Yuankai, Yang Mengyao) The International Teacher Training Programon Big Data Management and Application completion ceremony and major seminar of University of South Florida (USF)and Xidian University has been held successfully at south campus of Xidian University on 18th July. Chen Xi and Sun Bingzhen, the Vice Deans of School of Economics and Management of Xidian University; Ms. Guo Rong, Director of International Cooperation Office of Xidian University; Cihan Cobanoglu, McKibbon Endowed Chair Professor, President of North American Association for Higher Education, Director and Senior Professor of M3 Center of USF; as well as the 4 lecturers of the training program, Professor Bhuvan Unhelkar, Professor Faizan Ali, Professor Raj Murthy and Professor Yasin Ozcelik; Yu Chunhai, General Manager of Huacui Global, and more than 40 trainee teachers participated in the seminar through Zoom and physical place. Zhang Weili, the Director of International Affairs of School of Economics and Management hosted the meeting.

The XDU teachers participating in the activity conducted in-depth communication and shared the experience and gains of the training process.They said that this training opportunity was rare and they benefited a lot, especially in the English course syllabus designing, big data management education pedagogy, critical thinking teaching, and flipping class practice. They also expressed that they would take this training as an opportunity to strengthen the cooperation of teachers in scientific research of big data management and application of the two universities, and promotethe cooperation sustainably between the two universities and two schools.

The training is a customized large-scale international teacher development project of SEM, and is one of the important strategic tasks ofthe school to build its strenth in international ization and teaching force development: Quality is the life line of international cooperation projects, and teachers are the key of the quality ofaproject, as well as a supporting resource for project brand building.Forthe various types of programs for international students inthe school,whatever the undergraduate, graduate or Phd programs, orjoint programs and otherEnglish-related major work,English teaching is needed.Carrying out international teacher training program is the need of the construction and development of theschool, and it is also a crucial link in the exploration and practice of internationalization.

Due to the continuous expansion of the scale and level of development of the school's international projects, the requirements for project training in the follow-up work of related projects are imminent, and relevant teachers have been actively calling for a long time, hoping that the school can provide relevant training so that they could confidently complete relevant international curriculum teaching and student guidance works with high quality in thefuture.

According to related projects and certification requirements, combined with the training needs survey feedback from relevant professional teachers, the content of the training was designed,including language training, course training and teaching method training. In response to this increasing and urgent demand for teacher training, the leaders of the school actively sought support from all parties to carry out relevant training.

The program aims to improve the English intercultural communication ability of trainee teachers, broaden their international horizons,facilitate them to learn something from the curriculum setting of business big data analysis of USF, and understand how USF sets up talent training goals and builds the core curriculum connections, as well as business big data analysis application scenarios. In addition, acquiring the teaching methods of business big data analysis courses, relying on the advantages of XDU's electronic information major, cultivating teachers' international vision, broad professional foundation, professional skills and innovative thinking and innovative abilities, helping them to develop the international academic cooperation network with top business schools were also part of the consideration when the program was initially advocated. The trainee teachers agreed that they have mastered the basic theories of data science, data modeling, developed strong quantitative data analysis capabilities and comprehensive application practical capabilities for decision-making analysis related methods, technologies and tools, and could more efficiently achieve teaching goals in the context of big data.According to the research results of training needs, the program additionally contained an English language training part, which aims to improve the level of thetrainee teachers in teaching in English, and further improve the trainee teachers' ability to independently carry out English teaching in a pure English environment, and acquire the correct method of learning English, so that improving the ability of international academic communication.

The program was offered by Huacui Global Education Technology Co., Ltd.It proposed the"XDU Teacher Development Plan - Big Data Management and Application International Teachers Training Program", which is aimed at helping the teachers who are supposed to use English as the teaching language for the relatedmajors. The program was developed around the "Focus on Students" teaching concept and the theme of "Improving Teachers' English Teaching Ability" through heuristic lectures and interactive communication, flipped classroom practice, mixed workshops and other practice-based workshop modes, helping trainee teachers to acquire the appropriate approaches for curriculum designing of big data-related courses, and experience the transition from "Teacher" to "Student", so that to explore how to start from the actual development needs of students, innovate teaching methods, and improve the full English-teaching ability of participating teachers.

The professor trainers invited come from the University of South Florida (USF) which is a top public research university with strong scientific research capabilities in the world. It is ranked 25th on the R&D expenditure of American universities and 42nd for research funding in American universities by the National Science Foundation.USF's advantages of the business big data are particularly prominent, the professional talent training system is complete, the curriculum resources are advanced, and the talent training model is highly recognized. The Muma School of Business in USF has the top accounting school in the U.S., a first-class entrepreneurial center, the top 25th MBA programs in the United States, and a world-class research team. Both Muma School of Business and Lynn Pippenger School of Accounting have been accredited by the AACSB International Association of Business Schools.