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Yang Guangjing


Highest degree:PhD

College with the highest degree: University of Twente

The first-level disciplines:Management Science and Engineering



Office phone:


Main research directions

Game theory and its applications


[1]2021-2022,Operations Research,Chinese undergraduates, Chinese. (Assistant lecturer)

[2]2021-2022,Academic Guidance,Chinese undergraduates, Chinese.


[1] 2011.9-2015.7,Northwestern Polytechnical University,School of Science,Information and Computing Science Major,BS in Mathematics

[2] 2015.9-2021.7,Northwestern Polytechnical University,School of Mathematics and Statistics,Mathematics Major,Doctorate in Mathematics

[3] 2019.9-2021.3,University of Twente,Department of Applied Mathematics,Mathematics Major,Doctor of Philosophy

Work Experience

2021.06-present,Xidian University,Lecturer


Paper Publishing

Guangjing Yang, Hao Sun, Genjiu Xu and Dongshuang Hou, Games in sequencing situations with externalities, European Journal of Operational Research [J], 2019, 278(2): 699-708.

Guangjing Yang, Hao Sun, Marc Uetz, Cooperative sequencing games with position-dependent learning effect, Operations Research Letters [J], 2020, 48(4): 428-434.

Guangjing Yang, Hao Sun, Dongshuang Hou and Genjiu Xu, A noncooperative bargaining game with endogenous protocol and partial breakdown, Mathematical Social Sciences [J], 2020, 105: 34-40.

Dongshuang Hou, Panfei Sun, Guangjing Yang, Sharing the costs of cleanup polluted river: Upstream compensation method, Economics Letters [J], 2020, 195.


Research on refinement and relaxation of cooperative game solutions and its application (72071158), National Natural Science Foundation of China, General program, 2021.01-2024.12, participated (3/10)

Design and optimization analysis of cooperative game solutions based on dynamic coalitional bargaining mechanism (71871180), National Natural Science Foundation of China, General program, 2019.01-2022.12, participated (7/10)

Research on optimal incentive mechanism and evaluation system of cooperative game (71571143), National Natural Science Foundation of China, General program, 2015.01-2018.12, participated (7/8)

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