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Public Administration


Chen Xing


Highest degree: Master

College with the highest degree: Xidian University

The first-level disciplines:Business Administration



Office phone:None


Main research directions

Public Administration


2016-2018,Public Management,Undergraduate Chinese Course【For Chinese students】

2016-2018,Government Performance Evaluation and Management,Undergraduate Chinese Course【For Chinese students】

2018-2020,Principles of Political Science,Undergraduate Chinese Course【For Chinese students】

2018-2020,Market Research Techniques and Methods,Undergraduate Chinese Course【For Chinese students】

2018-2020,Management Accounting Practice,Undergraduate Chinese Course【For Chinese students】


1999.9-2003.7,Xidian University,School of Humanities,Business Administration,Bachelor of Management

2003.9-2006.3,Xidian University,School of Economics and Management,Business Management,Master of Management

Work Experience

2018.06- ,Xidian University,teacher



Paper Publishing

Chen Xing, Gao Qi, Jin Zengliang. Study on community management of tobacco monopoly[J]. China Market,2017(07):60-61+64

Liu Jing, Kang Xiaoling, Chen Xing, Ma Mingxiao. Ways, mechanisms and obstacles of public procurement shaping Innovation: literature review and Prospect[J]. Science & Technology Progress and Policy,2019(08):152-160

LIU Jing,ZHOU Dan,CHEN Xing. Influencing factors of university researchers’participating in university - industry knowledge transfer: Empirical research based on industry - based university in China [J]. Studies in Science of Science,2018(02):279-287

Hu Zhijun, Jin Zengliang, Chen Xing. Research on the function and Realization of cigarette retail customer self regulatory organization[J]. Business & Economy,2018(10):108-110+136

Tan Hang, Ma Tuli, Chen Xing. Mechanism and mode of cigarette retail customer self-regulation and mutual aid organizations affecting cigarette retail price stability[J]. Market Modernization,2019(12):5-8

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