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Public Administration


Zhao Wu


Highest degree: PhD

College with the highest degree: Xi`an Jiaotong University

The first-level disciplines:Business Administration

Title:Associate Professor

Position:Master Mentor、MPA

Office phone:029-81891360


Main research directions

Innovation, entrepreneurship and strategic management,  Public policy


2008-2015,Venture capital management,Postgraduate Chinese courses [for Chinese students]

2007-2014,Social Security Fund Management, [for Chinese undergraduates]

2009-2018, Finance and Finance, Postgraduate Courses [for Chinese students]

2017-2018, Public Sector Relations Management, Undergraduate Courses [for Chinese students]

2019-2020, International Business Management, Postgraduate Chinese Course [for Chinese students]


2002.2-2005.5,School of Economics and Finance, Xi 'an Jiaotong University,Finance  major,PhD in Economics

Work Experience

1992.7-2005.5 State-owned commercial Banks, staff member

2005.06-Present,  Xidian University, teacher


In 2016,he won the third prize of Science and Technology of Shaanxi Province (1/5)

In 2018, he won the third prize of Xi 'an Excellent Achievement in Philosophy and Social Science(1/3)

Paper Publishing

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Shaanxi province social science fund project in 2018: "Under the perspective of inclusive innovation in Shaanxi precision poverty alleviation Shared value creation research"(2018C034),2018.05-2019.05,Host(1/6);

Project of the soft science research plan in 2017 in shaanxi, "shaanxi province small and mid-sized enterprise network growth"(2017 KM064), 2017.08 -2018.07,Host(1/5);

Xi 'an science and technology plan projects in 2016, "promoting Xi 'an semiconductor industry cluster competitiveness research" (2016044SF/RK07 - (2)), 2016.10 - 2017.10,Host(1/4);

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