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Public Administration


Fang Wen


Highest degree: PhD

College with the highest degree: Xi’an Jiaotong University

The first-level disciplines:Business Administration



Office phone:029-81891860


Main research directions

Markets Microstructure Analysis and Regulation, Dynamics of Price Information Transmission


2006-2014,Organizational Behavior,undergraduate course, bilingual class

2008-2014,Job Analysis and Job Evaluation, undergraduate course in Chinese

2008-2014,Training and Employee Development, undergraduate course in Chinese

2016-2020,Organizational Behavior,undergraduate course in Chinese

2019-2020,Human Resource Management,MBA course in Chinese


1999.8-2003.7,Xidian University,School of Humanities,Marketing,Bachelor’s Degree

2003.9-2006.4,Xidian University,School of Humanities,Technological Economics and Management, Master’s Degree

2008.9-2016.6,Xi’an Jiaotong University,School of Management, Business Administration, Doctor’s Degree

Work Experience

2006.04-2008.05 ,Xidian University,Teaching assistant

2008.05- ,Xidian University,Lecturer


Second Prize of Science and Technology Award, Awarded by Shaanxi province government, China, rank 6/11, March 2019

Second Prize of Outstanding Achievement Award, Awarded by Department of Education, Shaanxi province, China, rank 4/5, August 2017

Paper Publishing

Fang W, Feng GZ, Lu FB, Li ZJ, Wang SY. (Accepted) Price discovery on Chinese steel markets: Who’s winning? Management Review. (in Chinese)

Fang W, Feng GZ, Lu FB, Wang SY. (2019) Dynamic price discovery of steel trading markets in China. Systems Engineering-Theory & Practice. 39(1): 49-59. (in Chinese)

Fang W, Feng GZ, Lu FB, Wang SY. (2015) A study on the effects of adjusting futures margin level on the price discovery of Chinese steel markets. Chinese Journal of Management Science, 23(2): 1-9. (in Chinese)

Fang W, Feng GZ, Lu FB, Wang SY. (2014) A study on the price dominance of Chinese steel markets in the context of major events. Management Review, 26(8):  13-30. (in Chinese)

Fang W, Wang LX, Feng GZ, Qin J, Zhang YH. (2014) Exploring the relationship of intrinsic motivation, leader emotional intelligence, and employee creativity. Science & Technology Progress and Policy, 31(7): 142-148. (in Chinese)

Fang W, Feng GZ, Qin J, Ji GY. (2013) Organizational learning ability in large manufacturing enterprises. Journal of Xidian University (Social Science Edition), 23(3): 1-7. (in Chinese)


Fang W. Job Analysis and Job Evaluation(ISBN978-7-5606-4719-7),Xidian University Press,November 2017. (in Chinese)


Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Sciences Project Youth Fund project(15YJC790017),2015.09-2018.09,Host(1/6)

Project of Soft Science Foundation of Shaanxi Province, China(2017KRM117),2017.8-2018.7,Host(1/5)

National Natural Science Foundation of China Youth Science Foundation Project(71602153),2017.1-2019.12,Participant(2/5)

Project of Soft Science Foundation of Shaanxi Province, China(2016KRM016),2016.5-2017.4,Participant(3/6)

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