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Public Administration


Teng Xin


Highest degree: PhD

College with the highest degree: Northwest University

The first-level disciplines:Applied Economics

Title:Associate Professor


Office phone:


Main research directions

Social insurance


1997-2013,International Finance,undergraduate course in Chinese

2013-2017,Social Insurance,undergraduate course in Chinese

2018-2020,Social Security,MPA course in Chinese

2018-2020,Entrepreneurship,undergraduate course in Chinese

2019-2020,Public Administration,undergraduate course in Chinese

2019-2020,Government Public Relations,undergraduate course in Chinese

2019-2020,Healthy Insurance,undergraduate course in Chinese


1993.9-1997.7,Northwest University ,School of Economic and Management,International Fiancee,Bachelor’s Degree

2001.9-2003.7,Shaanxi Normal University ,School of International Business,Economics,Master’s Degree

2003.9-2006.7,Northwest University ,School of Economic and Management,World Economic,Doctor’s Degree

Work Experience

1997.07-,Xidian University

Paper Publishing

Teng X, Zhou Y.(2011).An empirical analysis of China's foreign exchange reserve cyclical fluctuation and economic cycle,Reform and Strategy,(7):25-27.(in Chinese)

Teng X, Zhou Y.(2010)Foreign exchange reserves and economic growth: theoretical and empirical analysis,Research of Business,(11):6-9.(in Chinese)

Duan L.M.,Teng X.(2009)Prediction of China's foreign exchange reserve scale based on BP neural network,Future and development,(3):45-48.

Teng X.(2007)Currency mismatch, management of foreign exchange reserves and choice of exchange rate system,Journal of Southwest Jiaotong University(Social Science Edition),(2):111-114.(in Chinese)

Teng X.(2006)Portfolio analysis of foreign exchange reserve exchange rate risk mitigation,Business Time(25):72-73.(in Chinese)

Teng X.(2006)Theoretical analysis on the periodic growth of China's foreign exchange reserve.Journal of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics(Social Science Edition),(3):13-17.(in Chinese )

Teng X.(2006)An empirical study on the prevention of exchange rate risk of China's foreign exchange reserves.(3):70-73.(in Chinese)

Teng X.(2006)A theoretical study on the unbalanced development of contemporary international reserves.Journal of China University of Geosciences,(Social Science Edition),(4)27-31.(in Chinese)

Teng X.(2006)Prediction of China's foreign exchange reserve scale based on radial basis function neural network.(4):32-34.(in Chinese)

Teng X.(2006)Analysis of currency mismatch risk of China's foreign exchange reserves.10(481):366-367.(in Chinese)

Teng X.(2006)Analysis on the structural characteristics of China's foreign exchange reserve.Business Time, (32),58-59. (in Chinese)

Teng X. (2005)An analysis of the reasons for the periodic growth of China's foreign exchange reserves.Journal of Chongqing Technology and Business University (Social Science Edition),(6)29-32.(in Chinese)


Teng X,Zhong X.International Finance(ISBN:9787560626338),Xidian Press,November  2011. (in Chinese).

ProjectResearch on China's active foreign exchange reserve management and development strategy of sovereign wealth funds(k505120801),Xidian University Project,2012.01-2013.12,Host(1/5)

Research on the construction of regional financial center in Xi'an Silk Road Economic Belt(BR51015060001),Xi'an Social Sciences Project,2015.4-2015.9,Host(1/5)

Research on the scale management of China's foreign exchange reserve(12YJC790149),Youth Science Foundation Project,2012.01-2014.12,Participant(2/5)

RMB Real Exchange Rate Volatility:measurement, effect and correction mechanism(11YJC790179),Youth Science Foundation Project,2011.09-2013.12,Participant(2/5)

Research on the financial support system for the growth of small and medium sized science and technology enterprises in Shaanxi Province(12D033),Xi'an Social Sciences Project,2012.01-2014.12,Participant(2/6)

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