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Public Administration


Wang Biying


Highest degree: PhD

College with the highest degree: Xi’an Jiaotong University

The first-level disciplines:Applied Economics

Title:Associate Professor


Office phone:029-81891860


Main research directions

Government action and economic growth,  Regional Economic Development


2003-2010,Political economy,undergraduate course in Chinese

2005-2013,Principles of economics,undergraduate course in Chinese

2003-2020,Labor economics, undergraduate course in Chinese

2015-2020,Public economics, undergraduate course in Chinese

2016-2020,Public economics,graduate course in Chinese


2004.3-2008.6,Xi’an Jiaotong University,School of Economics and finance, Regional Economics, Doctor’s Degree

Work Experience

2003.03- ,Xidian University

Paper Publishing

Wang Bi Ying. An empirical study on the impact of local government public investment on regional economic disparity .Value Engineering2016,(02):40-42(in Chinese)

Wang Bi Ying. Zhou Yuan. An empirical analysis on the spillover effect of Local Government Infrastructure Investment. Guide to China Business and Economics. 2012,(07):59-61(in Chinese)

Wang Bi Ying.Zhou Yuan. A study on the economic growth effect of government investment —— An analysis based on provincial panel data. Industrial Technology Economy 2009,(11):138-141(in Chinese)

Wang Bi Ying. Wang Xiang Yang. An analysis of the sector efficiency and competitiveness of the international tourism industry structure in Shaanxi Province. Journal of Guilin Vocational School 2007,(05):670-673.(in Chinese)

Wang Bi Ying.The evolution of China s regional economic policy objectives and its future prospects 1992-. Future and development 2007,(04):9-12.(in Chinese)

Li Guo Ping. Wang Bi Ying.Review of Regional Economic Policy Research and its enlightenment to the rise of central China . Learning and practice 2007,(03):24-29.(in Chinese)

Wang Bi Ying.Du Yue Ping. The Path Choice and empirical analysis of Enterprise Technological Innovation Model. Scientific and technological progress and countermeasures 2006,(09):40-42.(in Chinese)

Wang Bi Ying. Li Guo Ping. Study on the layout of Regional Industrial Complex: A case study of new Qujiang, Xi'an. Tang Du Academic Journal, 2006,(04):60-63.(in Chinese)

Wang Bi Ying. Li Guo Ping. On the cultivation of Regional Competitive Advantage in China: A Perspective of the formation mechanism of industrial clusters. Future and development, 2006,(06):35-37.(in Chinese)

Li Guo Ping. Wang Bi Ying.The construction of Hanchangchang economic circle in the rise of central China. Human geography, 2005,(06):1-4.(in Chinese)

Wang Bi Ying. Li Guo Ping. Effective Utilization of national regional policy: A realistic choice for the rise of central China . Contemporary Economic Studies,2005,(12):37-39.(in Chinese)


Wang Bi Ying.A study of contemporary China's regional economic policy M, Xi'an: Northwest University of Technology Press (in Chinese) 2008.08


A study on the interactive effect of Public Investment and private investment on economic growth in western China (72004541),2010.-2012.Host

Public Investment, regional spillover and economic growth in western China (72144541),2014-2016.Host

Study on the sharing mechanism and performance between Xi an university human resources and Xi an hi-tech zone.(07K007Z)2007.1-2010.12.Participant(2/6)

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