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Public Administration


Zhou Yuan


Highest degree: PhD

College with the highest degree: Beijing Normal University

The first-level disciplines:Economics

Title:Associate Professor

Position:Dean,Department of Public Management

Office phone:029-81891860


Main research directions

Public Policy, Social Security


2005-2020, Intermediate Macroeconomics,postgraduate course in Chinese

2005-2017,Macroeconomics,undergraduate course in Chinese

2009-2020,Methods of Social Investigation Research,undergraduate course in Chinese

2005-2006,2016-2020, Public Policy,undergraduate course in Chinese

2018-2020,Public Management,MPA course in Chinese

2019-2020,Methods of Social Research,MPA course in Chinese


1992.9-1996.7,Shandong Finance College,Department of Economic and Trade,Management of National Economy,Bachelor’s Degree

1999.9-2002.7,Xidian University,School of Humanities,Technological Economics and Management, Master’s Degree

2002.9-2005.6,Xi’an Jiaotong University,School of Management, Business Administration, Doctor’s Degree

Work Experience

2005.06-2008.07 ,Xidian University,Lecturer

2008.08- ,Xidian University,Associate Professor

Paper Publishing

Yuan Z,Xin T,Congyu Xue,Research of choosing the fair and shared Base of Social Insurance Premium,included by in collected works of research on economic ideas about Governance of China(Proceedings of Symposium on economic ideas about Governance of China),2017.7, 235-243 (in Chinese)

Yuan Z,Yutian M,Empirical Research on Relationship between Industrial structure evolution and employment in China,  Commercial Research,No.11.2011,58-63 (in Chinese)

Yuan Z,Expanded AD-AS Model Given the Indogenous Expected Inflation Rate,Journal of  Zhongnan  University of  Economics and Law,No.6. 2007,44-50 (in Chinese)

Xin T, Zhou Y. (2011). An empirical analysis of China's foreign exchange reserve cyclical fluctuation and economic cycle, Reform and Strategy, No.7.2011, 25-27. (in Chinese)


Daniel F. Chambliss,Russell K. Schutt,translated by Yuan Z,Xiaoling K,making sense of the social world: Methods of Investigation,Truth & Wisdom Press,Shanghai people Press,2020  (in Chinese)

Xin T,Yuan Z,Kai Wang,International Finance,Xidian University Press,2011  (in Chinese)

Junrong Deng,Yuan Z,Economics——Choosing Science,Xidian University Press,2011 (in Chinese)

Yuan Z,Supply and Demand under the Context of Inflation in China:Based on the AD-AS model,Intellectual Property Publishing House,2008 (in Chinese)


Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Sciences Project Youth Fund project(15YJC790017),2015.09-2018.09, Participant(3/6)

Research on the construction of regional financial center in Xi'an Silk Road Economic Belt(BR51015060001),Xi'an Social Sciences Project,2015.4-2015.9,Host(1/5)

Formulation of “13th five plan” Hua’in’s Human Resources development,2015,Participant(2/2)

Formulation of “13th five plan” Hua’in’s employment and Social Security, 2015,Participant(2/2)

Formulation of  “13th five plan” of Pucheng’s Human Resources and Social Security,HX0315060918,2015, Participant(2/2)

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