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Kang Xiaoling


Highest degree: PhD

College with the highest degree: Northwest University

The first-level disciplines:Applied Economics

Title:Associate Professor


Office phone:029-81891360


Main research directions

Industry Innovation and Economic Development

Financial investment and management

International Trade and Investment


1997-2020,International Trade,Undergraduate Chinese Course

1999-2013,International Trade Practice,Undergraduate Chinese Course

2006-2011,International Marketing,Undergraduate Chinese Course

2006-2011,International Business Administration,Undergraduate Chinese Course

2007-2019,Development Economics,Graduate Chinese Course


1993.9-1997.7,Northwest University,College of Economics and Management,International Trade,Bachelor of Economics

2000.9-2003.7,Northwest University,College of Economics and Management,Economics,Master of Economics

2003.9-2006.7,Northwest University,College of Economics and Management,Economics,Doctor of Economics

Work Experience

1997.7-,Xidian University,Teacher


The first prize of Shaanxi University Humanities and Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement Award in 2013(5/6)

<p ">The second prize of Xidian University Execllent Textbook in 2013(No ranking)
Paper Publishing

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Kang Xiaoling. Research on the Absence of Economic Man Hypothesis in the Incentive Mechanism of Western State-owned Enterprises [J]. Research On Development, 2005(01): 89-91

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Kang Xiaoling, Ning Jing. Research on Impact of International Logistics Performance of Silk-road Economic Belt on China's Export of Agricultural Products [J]. Journal of Northwest University (Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition), 2016(02): 126-131

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Kang Xiaoling, Chen Dingfan. Technology Entrepreneurship — Marketing and Market Investigation Techniques (978-7-5606-2346-7), Xidian University Publishing House, 2009.11

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Kang Xiaoling. Innovative Thinking and Innovative Capability. (978-7-1212-7324-7), Electronic Industry Press, 2015.10


A Research on the Structure of Fiscal Expenditure in Shaanxi Province in the Post-reform Period(SXCZ-08027),Legal financial management project of Shaanxi Provincial Finance Department, City hall level, 2009.1-2009.12, Presider(1/6)

A Research on the Relation of Technology Spillover Effect of Import Trade and Industrial Upgrading in Shaanxi Province(12D029),Shaanxi Provincial Social Science Foundation,Provincial and Ministerial level, 2012.9-2014.8, Presider(1/7)

A Research on Technical Innovation System Based on Industrial Cluster Perspective in Xian High-tech Zone(2012KRM81/09),Shaanxi Science Research Program, Provincial and Ministerial level, 2012.6-2014.5, Presider(1/6)

A Research on the Mode of the Transition from Comprehensive Bonded Zone to Free Trade Zone(14J188),Xi'an Social Science Foundation, City hall level, 2014.9-2015.8, Presider(1/8)

Research on FDI, Environmental Supervision and Industrial Air Pollution: The Case Study of Xi'an City(16J14),Xi'an Soft Science Research Program, City hall level, 2016.9-2017.8, Presider(1/6)

Research on the Self-Regulatory Organization Construction Model of Cigarette Retail Customers with "Multi Forces in One" (HX03201803001),Enterprise funded research projects, 2018.3-2019.12, Presider(1/7)

Research on the Mechanism and Path of Driving Innovation through Public Procurement from the Perspective of  Innovation Suppliers: A case study of Shaanxi Province (2019KRM116),Shaanxi Science Research Program, Provincial and Ministerial level, 2019.5-2020.4, Participant(2/6)

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